Approaching FuJET Events

FuJET events, as I’m sure you’re aware, are awesome fun. However, there is a lot of planning and organising involved, so most events require you to sign up and plan in advance. To make sure you mark them all down in your calendar and sign up in time, here is a list of all of the known upcoming events!

June 6: Let’s Climbing Mt Bandai. A climb organised in preparation for those who are inclined to go on the Fuji trip this year (though you can come even if you’re not planning on climbing Fuji!). This event is STRONGLY suggested for anyone planning on joining the Fuji Climb in July. If you’re planning on coming along to this event, please click “Attending” on the Facebook page.

June 15: Oze National Park, otherwise known as the Middle of Nowhere. This hike is another event organised in preparation for the Fuji Climb, but but you’re welcome whether you’re going to Fuji or not. Oze is an out-of-the-way bit of Fukushima, buried in the depths of the Miz, but it’s a beautiful area and we definitely recommend grabbing some fresh air there. The hike through Oze will be a longer, steeper, more difficult hike than the hike to the summit of Mt. Bandai. If you’re planning on coming along to this event, please click “Attending” on the Facebook page.

July 12~14: Art and Culture Show @ Sendai-shi, Shimin Katsudo Support Centre Theatre. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a FuJET event but our lovely friends in Miyagi desperately want us, their kindly neighbours, to come to this event. This used to be a yearly event but it has been on hiatus since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The show showcases the artistic talents of JETs (primarily Miyagi/Sendai JETs but they are taking contributions from JETs in other areas). This year’s theme is REVIVAL and they hope to have artist workshops, cultural workshops, live performances and artworks from artists in and around Tohoku. If you are interested in submitting art, leading a workshop and/or performing in the show, please email More information about the event is available here:
or from the Facebook event page:

July 20~21: Mt Fuji Torture…I mean, Climb! For centuries Mt. Fuji has been worshipped from afar, but every year a brave group of FuJETs decides to worship (or curse?) Mt. Fuji up close. For the brave souls out there who are ready to climb through the night to see a glorious sunrise from the summit of Japan’s iconic mountain, the annual FuJET Fuji Climb is right up your alley! This is a formal FuJET event so you will have to sign up by sending an email to from 6pm on May 19. There are about 45 places available, first in first served. More information about this event is available on the Facebook page:

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