FuJET Council Meeting June 21, 2014 Minutes

FuJET Council Meeting January 21, 2014

Start Time: 1942

Members Present:

Erika Ehren (Co-President), Josh Tweedy (Co-President), Mark Noizumi (Treasurer), Merran Eby (Director of Visual Media), Xan Wetherall (Director of Merchandise & Publications), Kris Mokes (Web Master), Felicity Kerkham (News Editor), Elie Vogel (Librarian)

Members Absent:

David Tacoronte (Charity Coordinator),

Purpose of Meeting– Discussion of upcoming events.

1943- Tokyo Sumo Tournament

Due to unforseen circumstances, FuJET was unable to procure all 26 tickets in the 5,000yen ticket section. As a result, 3 groups of tickets were purchased– a group of 12 and 9 in the cheaper 3,500 yen section and 5 in the 5,000 yen section. People not sitting in the 5,000 yen section will be issued as 1,500yen rebate with their ticket. FuJET will be sending an email tonight explaining the situation for participants and opening up the 5,000 yen tickets to attendees on a first come-first served basis.

1947- Sapporo Yuki Matsuri Trip

2 payments are being made by the trip participants, one of 1.8man for the hotels (already paid) and an upcoming one of 2.52man for the ferry and beer garden due January 26th. As of the meeting we are still waiting to hear back from the travel agent with the ferry payment details.

A Hokkaido trip group has been made on Facebook for trip participants to discuss their itineraries, plan, and to share trip information. An ongoing informational series is being posted on fujet.org for this trip.

1957- Cheap Ski Day

Originally planned to be March 1st but a date change was requested by Inawashiro Ski-jo due to conflicting events. The event has been rescheduled with the Ski-jo for March 8th. The event page will be posted to Facebook tomorrow.

Costs for the day are: 2,500 yen for a lift pass from 1000-1630, 3,000 yen for full rental (including clothing), 2,000 yen for board and boots, 1,000 yen for clothing, 1,000 yen for small goods.

FuJET called the skijo today and then need us (FuJET) to confirm numbers a week in advance at the latest.

Ski Day will have a charity aspect to it again (JCN, NZ Earthquake in previous years) and we are talking with Jason Ishida and E4F for support in this event.

The possibility of the charity funds going to the Philippines was suggested.

Signups for the event will start once the facebook page is posted and there is no limit on the number of attendees.

Costume contest will have a bigger push for participation this year. Costume contest prizes are under suggestion but a suggestion was made to instead donate prize budget towards the event’s selected charity and certificates being given to winners. Further discussion is needed as to how the charity money will be donated to the selected orginisation.

2009 Sumo Tournament (discussion returns)

Specific sumo ticket prices were clarified. The cheaper tickets, with printing fees, cost 3,700yen each and the more expensive tickets cost 5,000yen each.


2010 FuJET Website

Mention of the fact that fujet.org’s Google Calendar was not currently up to date with all FuJET events was brought to the council’s attention.


2018 Sumo Tournament (discussion returns)

FuJET was paid a total of 143,000 yen either via furikomi or in person. The total cost of the tickets was 102,830 yen. The amount left over because of the cheaper tickets was 40,170 yen. We will reimburse everyone with cheaper tickets (1,500 yen x21 people). The total reimbursed money amounts to 31,500 yen.We will have 8,670 yen left over.


2023 2014-2015 FuJET Council Elections

The idea of returning to the previous methods of FuJET presidential elections is proposed (running as a two person ticket) rather than this past year’s method of individuals running with the people with the two highest votes receiving the President and Co-President spots. Some council members felt that this past year’s method (individuals) was preferable. Pros and Cons(to be later distributed to council members via email) were discussed for both methods. To allow members to think about which method is preferable, the council will vote on the issue via email. The deadline for votes to be submitted is January 28th. After this decision is made, FuJET election details and timelines will be finalised.


2046 David Tacoronte (Charity Coordinator) joins.

2046 Mark Noizumi, Felicity Kerkham, Elie Vogel, Merran Eby leave.


2054 E4F Update

E4F is doing a massive fundraiser to build a playground in Soso (around 20man). They are presently applying for the Akahane grant. There is a desire to change E4F’s mission directive and to specifically make this new playground project a JET community project. The goal timeframe to start construction on the new playground is late spring 2014. Possibility of Cheap Ski Day’s charity funds going to this project is mentioned.


2123 Meeting Concludes