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Fuji From The Bottom

Most people hike Fuji from the 5th station (2300m) as that is where the last paved road ends. Buses run regularly to here and there are lots of shops and restaurants. From the 5th station it is a 3-8 hour … Continue reading

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Sendai Jazz

The Sendai Jazz Festival is this coming weekend, September 12-13! Sendai is a great place for people to come and feel the life of a city. Last year was my second year going to the Jazz Fest and it was … Continue reading

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Hiking in Fukushima

There are many great places to hike in Fukushima, especially in Aizu. Here we are going to review a few of these spots. Continue reading

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Aizu Onsens

There are about 50 onsens in the Aizu area, deriving from volcanic activity giving rise to natural hot springs, many of which have interesting mineral content. We would like to recommend five that we have especially enjoyed. Continue reading

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Hai Sensei!

Have you ever seen Dead Poets Society? I’m sure that most of you have, but if you haven’t, it is worth a watch. In the movie a teacher, Mr. Keating, inspires a group of young men. Mr. Keating is a … Continue reading

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