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Kitakata Ramen- A Review

a review by Xan Wetherall Food, glorious food! Japan doesn’t joke around when it comes to its edibles. Every region, prefecture, and city has its own unique set of meibutsu – specialties of the area. As an example, Tohoku is … Continue reading

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Growing Your Own

In Japan, some varieties of fresh herbs and vegetables are either absurdly expensive for their quality or quantity – or simply don’t exist. Basil from York Benimaru is often limp and DOA, and herbs like corriander/cilantro are nowhere to be … Continue reading

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Dining in Fukushima

  As a self-confessed foodie, I love trying new restaurants. But so often I hear of an amazing sounding place in passing, but never get exact details. Many times I have found myself in areas of Fukushima where I have … Continue reading

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おいしい – Pumpkins!

Some ideas on what to do with all those leftover pumpkin guts Continue reading

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Rainy Season Umeshu! A quick look out the nearest window will probably confirm that its 梅雨 (tsuyu), or the rainy season. And besides the rain (obviously), the rainy season means its time to make umeshu!  Ume is so strongly associated … Continue reading

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