Final Event Update: Yuki Matsuri (February 2009)

What’s up, FuJETs!

I have the final numbers for people who are heading up to Hokkaido this February! Thanks for handing in your deposits at Mid-Year. You rock.

As you know, this trip has a total cost of about Y42,000 (triple occupancy) or Y46,000 (double occupancy). Remember, you’ve paid an ichi-man already, so subtract that. I will post final prices for everyone once we sort out who the roomie situation. Cash money will be due most likely ON January payday.

I want to submit room assignments, so please get back to me by the end of December. Please talk to others and send me names after you’ve talked to people! If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll just stick people in whatever is available.

If you REALLY want a double-room, please e-mail me this week if possible. It’ll basically be first-come, first-serve – I have to let Junko know, so that we can see if doubles are still available. But in general, we mostly get triple rooms. Slumber partay.

When you get it sorted, please e-mail me the following at fujetcouncil at gmail dot com

INFO I need from FuJETs who are going to Sapporo (copy and paste, it’s that easy!)

Name and age (for hotel reservations):
Preferred roomies (give names, ages):
Vegeterian? (for Sapporo beer garden – 90 mins.):
And I’d also REARRY appreciate your keitai info and keitai e-mail address, just in case I need to get in touch with you.

** I will do my best to give everyone their preferences, but everything depends on numbers.

(If you want the list of the people going on the trip, ask Gemma directly or check the other places… Not posting it all up on the news website, since this site isn’t password-locked).



SUNDAY, FEB. 7, 2010
– Make your own way up to Sendai by 5:20 p.m. (tentative time)
-MEETING PLACE: SENDAI STATION, West Exit.  (I will send better details later).
– We will be taking a bus together from there to the SENDAI PORT.
– BE PUNCTUAL! You shouldn’t miss our scheduled bus. If you do, there are very limited options to make it on time to the port.
– Our ferry boat leaves Sunday night!

MONDAY, FEB. 8, 2010 (vacation day needed)
– Monday late morning, we arrive in Sapporo! You have the rest of the day to check out part of the festival. It’s up to you! I’d suggest to flip through your Lonely Planet or ask peope what they like about Hokkaido.
– Monday night: We will be meeting at our local train station, so that we can make our way for the SAPPORO BEER GARDEN NIGHT OUT! (This is an all-you-can eat and drink affair for about 1.5 hours!

TUESDAY, FEB. 9, 2010 (vacation day NOT needed) <- thanks!
– You can do whatever you like. I said you can do whatever you like.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10 (vacation day needed)
– Let’s enjoy our last morning in Sapporo!
– Afternoon: It’s easiest to take a cab with some peeps over to SAPPORO EKIMAE. All FuJETs will be taking the HOKKAIDO CHUO BUS back towards the PORT. Again, don’t miss this or else you are stuck in SAPPORO. For reals.
– Evening: You’re on a boat. It’s going fast.

THURSDAY, FEB. 11 (vacation day needed)
– Around 10 a.m.: We get back to SENDAI! Then, we can take our chartered bus back to SENDAI EKIMAE (about 1 hr).

I had a really awesome time last year.  I mean, the ferry ride is a great time to bond with your fellow FuJETs. If you didn’t know, this is where the idea of sickteamdotcom started brewing. I wanted job security after JET, and I’m guessing Christian wanted to make t-shirts! Don’t check out our website, because we can’t actually afford the domain. And for reals, CBC does all the work. I just like to take undeserved credit, lol.

Once again, we will be staying in the vibrant neighbourhood of SUSUKINO! It’s ice cold.