Eyes for Fukushima


Eyes for Fukushima (E4F) is a non-profit organization founded by JET participants, Galileo Yuseco, Jason Ishida, and Brian Olumba in late January, 2012. The organization also encompasses the group of Assistant Language Teachers living in Fukushima that actively participate in community outreach and volunteering projects coordinated by Eyes for Fukushima. Eyes for Fukushima uses both ALT man-power and fundraising to aid in Fukushima’s recovery after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake on March 11th.

The precursor to E4F was Galileo Yuseco’s contribution to fundraising for Japan after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. After the earthquake, Yuseco began selling “I It's a baby! 福島 t-shirts” and donated the proceeds to charities in Fukushima. The design being his own, Yuseco sends out the order to a t-shirt printing company and sells the shirts with the help of other Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) in Fukushima. Read more