FuJET Poster Contest

FuJET Poster Contest

FuJET poster contest time! You think you got mad skills? Do you like posters? Are you a master of layers and typography? Man, oh man, are you going to like this. This year for Tokyo Orientation they will be decorating the AJET room with posters from all the different prefectures in Japan, showing off activities and events to get everyone excited! Let’s show them how awesome Fuku is with the greatest poster since that Keep Calm and Carry On one that’s been parodied to death. Read more

FuJET Across the Internet

FuJET Across the Internet

Hello FuJETs, old and new! I meant to get this up before you guys got here but it’s better late than never! With the appearance of fresh and bright ALTs all over facebook and the FuJET forums, it would be appropriate to explain the various means of communication available to the ALT community here in Fukushima. So I’m going to do that. But before all that, let’s backtrack a little bit.


Come on, vamonos!

What exactly is FuJET? Taken straight from the main website, “FuJet is Fukushima prefecture’s branch of AJET, a local voluntary organisation which organises events and offers support for Fukushima JETs.” There exists a FuJET councilthat consists of two co-Presidents, a treasurer, a marketing director, a webmaster, a volunteer coordinator and a charity advisor. This council of people work together to coordinate and raise funds for various events. So basically, FuJET brings people together. FuJET does that through mass meetings at the Motomiya Asahi beer hall, Beach Bombing the Iwaki coast, or taking trips to Hokkaido en masse, amongst other things. Fukushima is the third largest prefecture in Japan and with over 130 ALTs spread throughout, and maintaining a tight-knit community is no easy task. So how does the FuJET council manage to coordinate all this? Well my friends, these days we turn to the internet for mass communication. As mentioned before, there are a couple different ways that FuJET spreads information throughout the prefecture. Let’s explore the various advantages each one has to offer. Come on! Vamonos!


FuJET Forums:

It is a place of unimaginable beauty and splendor, as well as one of your best resources as an ALT, a Fukushimian, and even as a human being. The forum archives post from as far back as 2006. That’s 6 years’ worth of stuff that has happened to expats in Fukushima. Odds are, anything you’re going to experience here has already happened to someone. And where did they talk about those experiences? No, not on facebook. The Forums. That’s where.


So sign up, get approved, post your hello in the New Member Shout Out! section and spend your summer at the Bored of Education reading Brent Sterling’s (Fukushima ALT 200?-2011) witticisms and Galileo Yuseco’s (Fukushima ALT 2007-201?) infamous Galileo’s thread. Or you could go into some of the more useful threads, like the whole Travel section and figure out how to get to Korea so you can make out with 2PM (the boy band).




Fukushima ALT’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/2245650064/


This is a great place to post something and get instant feedback. Your own facebook is useful as well, but this way you’re talking directly to 501 members of the Fukushima ALT community, past, present and future. Events and various notices are cross-posted on this website and the Forums as well as Facebook. It is an open group and once you’ve joined it, you’ll be on the invite list for all major FuJET events. If you have a smartphone, you can set up your phone’s calendar to sync with your facebook calendar so you’ll always know when there’s an event going on. With facebook being the go-to resource for event planning, it is within the best interests of your social life to join it and be up to date.


FuJET twitter: https://twitter.com/fukushimajet


Besides trending about important topics, like #Hey Arnold or #ThoughtsDuringSchool, Steven will grace us with tweets about events and such.



FuJET official Website:


It’s what you’re on right now! This website is filled with excellent articles on all manner of subjects. Learn about shopping at Off House and brush up on your Off House walk. Or read up on how to survive the upcoming winter. Find out how to grow your own garden! Not sure what this Eyes For Fukushima stuff is all about? There’s an article for that. This site will help you keep up to date on what’s going on in the prefecture. And if you ever want to get the word out about something or just want to write an article, feel free to submit something and I, your trusty editor, will edit it. I’ll even put in relevant images found through google and format everything. So don’t be shy and write something. Or read everything. It’s all there waiting for you~.


Fukushima Live:


Fukushima Live is a website that “collects stories from people living in Fukushima Prefecture Japan … to highlight that while people here face many challenges this is no nuclear wasteland and life continues on, which is in itself a testament to the spirit and strength of Fukushima residents.” According to Lachie Tranter, one of the founders of the website, “The blog is basically… a means of telling stories, no matter how trivial, about life in Fuku and the goings on here. We have the support of the prefecture government on this and are hoping to create a few more connections there.” Tranter hopes “that JETs from all over the prefecture are able to contribute stories to it about events/ festivals/ daily lives.” Kenpoku region’s own Lauren and Noel have already contributed articles. As you Japanese students would say, “Why don’t you try too?”