MAY Events in Fukushima

April 30th~May 6th: Fukushima Ramen Show 2013 @ Kaiseizan Park, Jiyu Square, Koriyama City. From 10am~8pm. Famous Ramen restaurants from around Japan, Fukushima prefecture and Koriyama will be gathered in one place, so you can enjoy various types of unique ramen. For more information and inquiries please contact the Fukushima Central Television Business Promotion Division: 024-923-3264.

May 2nd ~ 3rd: Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Satsuki Matsuri @ Yumoto Onsen Shrine, near Yumoto Station, Iwaki. This is an annual festival, with a small festival  on the 2nd and the main festival on the 3rd. During the main festival 6 omikoshi (portable shrines) will be carried through the town. For more information and inquiries please contact the Yumoto Onsen Satsuki Matsuri Committee: 0246-42-4322.

May 3rd: Onahama Suwa Shrine Annual Matsuri @ Onahama, Iwaki, from 8am. This is an annual omikoshi (portable shrine) festival held in Onahama. There will be various types of omikoshi carrying in the Onahama area, including an omikoshi that weighs around 2 tons and children’s omikoshi. For more information and inquiries please contact Onahama Suwa Shrine: 0246-92-2656.

May 3rd& 4th: Okunitama Shrine Annual Matsuri @ Okunitama Shrine, Taira, Iwaki. There will be many traditional dance performances dedicated to the gods and omikoshi (portable shrine) carrying on the main festival day on the 4th. For more information and inquiries please contact Okunitama Shrine: 0246-34-0092.

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Approaching FuJET Events

FuJET events, as I’m sure you’re aware, are awesome fun. However, there is a lot of planning and organising involved, so most events require you to sign up and plan in advance. To make sure you mark them all down in your calendar and sign up in time, here is a list of all of the known upcoming events!

June 6: Let’s Climbing Mt Bandai. A climb organised in preparation for those who are inclined to go on the Fuji trip this year (though you can come even if you’re not planning on climbing Fuji!). This event is STRONGLY suggested for anyone planning on joining the Fuji Climb in July. If you’re planning on coming along to this event, please click “Attending” on the Facebook page.

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FuJET visits Iris Gakuen

On Sunday, FuJET and friends made our first visit to Iris Gakuen for the year. We make several visits a year to the orphanage and enjoy time with the kids there. This weekend was Easter-themed. A big thanks as always to the organisers, Jason, Brian and Catherine, and to everyone who came and made the day a huge success.

In the morning we made neat little Easter baskets, which we followed up with lunch outside. After lunch, the Easter Bunny came to visit! We played games and had a quiz, then all of the kids enjoyed a large-scale Easter egg hunt with prizes for the fastest hunters.

As always, it was bitter-sweet to say goodbye, but we will be looking forward to next time! We’ll keep you posted!