FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 10- Food

FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 10- Food
うまいッ! おいしい !
If you have turned on the TV even once during your time in Japan, you’ve heard these phrases uttered by Japanese TV personalities as they dine upon some local delicacy or another. Japan loves their food and Japanese people especially love to brag about what their prefecture is famous for. Going to Hokkaido, one of Japan’s most geographically distinct locations, what is there to eat? Hokkaido is big and has quite a low population density. As such, it has an unparalleled agriculture culture. Hokkaido produces more wheat than any other prefecture and produces 50% of all of Japan’s milk. So, with all this milk and veggies– what is Hokkaido famous for?


Kaisendon-- Fresh seafood bowl
Kaisendon– Fresh seafood bowl

Yeah, we’ve got milk and veggies but Hokkaido also happens to be a giant island with lots of fresh seafood to be found. Hokkaido is particularly famous for uni (sea urchin), ika (squid), ikura (salmon roe), hotate (scallops), and of course– kani (crab). Much of Hokkaido’s seafood can be best enjoyed in don(a bowl)– with the fresh seafood served on a bowl of rice. Such famous bowls include uni-ikuradon (sea urchin-salmon roe bowl), nama-uni donburi (raw sea urchin bowl), and kaisendon (seafood bowl). You can sample all of these bowls at Sapporo’s Nijo Market, where you can customise your seafood bowl– and eat it too. Nijo Market is open from 7.00 to 18.00 for the shops and 6.00 to 21.00 for the restaurants. Also, let’s not forget about the kaki(oyster)! Oysters are in season this time of year and you’ll be able to find plenty of fresh oyster restaurants and stalls. Even though we are staying in Sapporo and there will an over-abundance of seafood available, try and hold off for your kani and kaisendon until you are in Otaru, which is held in far higher regard by foodies for its quality of seafood. Read more

Inawashiro Cheap Ski and Snowboard Day! 2014

Inawashiro Cheap Ski and Snowboard Day! 2014

cheapskiInawashiro Cheap Ski and Snowboard Day!

What: A cheap day of boarding and skiing with your friends! (Costumes optional!)
When: March 8 (Saturday)
Where: Inawashiro Ski Field (猪苗代スキー場)
How much: ONLY 2,500 yen!
How to sign up: From NOW until FEBRUARY 19 sign-ups are open. You need to email us at <fujetcouncil@gmail.com> for your place by FEBRUARY 19!
How to pay: Once we confirm your spot, you will need to furikomi 2,500 yen to the FuJET account. Simple!
Every year, FuJET hosts a cheap ski day at Inawashiro Ski field (http://goinawashiro.com/) with discounted lift tickets at 2,500 yen each! The tickets let you ski from 10AM to 4:30PM for only 2,500 yen!

It has become a bit of a tradition for all of us to rock up wearing costumes (see the photos in the event page for an idea), and we really would like to see everyone dress up again! We will definitely be in costumes, and hope to see many of you dressed up too!
We’ll be having prizes and awards for the people in the best costumes, so why wouldn’t you?!

Did we mention that people dressing up also helps our fundraising drive that we do every year? Three years ago, we raised about 40,000 yen for the Christchurch Quake relief efforts, and last year we raised about 25,000 yen for the Japan Cat Network. This year we will be raising money for the Philippines Disaster, so we really hope you will help us support this cause!

IT GETS BETTER! At around 1:30PM, we’ll be having out annual BOXER RUN! Boxer run…what on earth do you mean? Well, every year we strip down to our underwear, head up the mountain….and then head down the mountain! Why?! Why not!

Don’t board or ski? Worry not! Everyone is constantly popping in and out of the dining area, and there will always be someone around! You are more than welcome to come along, watch and relax.

Don’t know how board or ski? Fear not! There are no shortage of people willing to give you tips and advice – no is as good of a time as any to learn!


You MUST email <fujetcouncil@gmail.com> to reserve your spot. You have from RIGHT NOW until FEBRUARY 19 to get your email in. Places are UNLIMITED, so feel free to invite anyone you like! Once you get a confirmation email from us, we’ll ask that you pay the 2,500 yen no later than FEBRUARY 21.

For those who don’t know how to furikomi, check out our wiki here for instructions: http://wiki.fujet.org/wiki/index.php?title=Furikomi

If you would like rental gear, please include the details in your email to us. There are various plans available for you:

Full rental (Skis/Board and boots, pants and jacket, gloves, beanie and googles) for 3,000 yen
Ski/Board and boots only for 2,000 yen.
Pants and jacket for 1,000 yen.
Gloves, beanie and googles for 1,000 yen.

Let us know your full name, what plan you want, your height and shoe size (in cm).

On the day (March 8), we will be in the main dining area and we will give you your passes then. Passes are usable from 10AM so for those super keen to hit the slopes, feel free to turn up around then! As mentioned above, they can be used until 4:30PM!

So, that’s about it – this is such a great event – what could be better than skiing all day in costumes with friends? Let us know if you have any questions or queries and we will be happy to help!

FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 9- Skiing&Snowboarding

FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 9- Skiing&Snowboarding
Snow, snow, and more snow? What else is there to do with it besides make snowmen? Well, some folks long long ago decided to strap their feet to pieces of wood and slide down it. And so, we have skiing and snowboard. With its over-abundance of snow, there are several ski resorts to meet your snow-sliding needs. Today, we will be looking at the two main ski resorts with Sapporo as a base point– Teine Ski Resort and Niseko Ski resort.

Ski & Snowboard Resort, Sapporo Teine

The closer of our two ski resort is Mt. Teine. Teine is renowned for being one of the venues of the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics. From Sapporo station, it takes 10 minutes to reach Teine station via express train or 15 minutes via local trains. Once at Teine station, you can bus or taxi to the ski resort. With a maximum incline of 38 degrees and a high point of 1,023m, Teine has a variety of slopes that will suit everyone from very beginners to slalom experts. The slopes break down to 35% beginner runs, 40% intermediate, and 25% expert. (On a side note for beginners out there, slopes are classified by colour in Japan. Green means a beginner run, red is intermediate, and black is expert.) Teine is broken up into two zones, the Olympia and the Highland zones.

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FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 8- Getting Around Sapporo City

FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 8- Getting Around Sapporo City
So you have your list of things that you want to see and do. Good. The next step– figuring out how to get there. In this instalment, we’ll take a quick gander on how to get around Sapporo City itself. Sapporo may be the easiest of all of Japan’s cities to navigate. Unlike many of the other big Japanese cities, Sapporo is laid out in a grid-style system with city blocks and uses an understandable naming scheme when it comes to addresses. For example, our hotel’s address is Odori Nishi 15chome… We are located west of Odori Park, block 15. Pretty straightforward!

There are several methods of getting around Sapporo including a subway and tram line, JR trains, and local city buses.
There are a few discount tickets for transportation that are available to us during our visit to Sapporo and Hokkaido. On weekdays and non-holiday days, Subway 1-Day cards, which allow unlimited subway use for 1 day (go figure!), are available for 800 yen. However, on the weekends and public holidays, the same ticket is available for a discounted price of 500 yen! A Combination 1-day pass is also available for 1,000 yen. It grants you a day of unlimited use on Sapporo’s subway, tram, and city buses operated by the JR Hokkaido, Chuo, and Jotetsu bus companies. There are also prepaid cards available for purchase and use with local transportation.

Kkitaca's Mascot
Kitaca’s Mascot

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FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 7- Asano Hotel

FuJET- An Inside Look to the 2014 Hokkaido Trip, Part 7- Asano Hotel
We will be spending 4 days and 3 glorious nights in glorious Hokkaido. Those 3 nights will be spent at Asano Hotel . Located a mere 1 and a half blocks from Odori Park, you couldn’t ask for a more convenient hotel location for this price.


Asano Hotel
Asano Hotel

Asano Hotel is a Japanese style business and long term stay hotel. All rooms are tatami-and-futon style. As this is a long-term stay hotel, your room will more closely resemble an apartment than a swanky-4-star-hotel. Being apartment-styled, each room is equipped with its own mini-kitchen (sink, burner, mini-fridge, and kitchen accessories). Read more