FuJET Council 2015-2016 Nominations



It’s coming up on election time! Now is when you start thinking about who you want running the show for the coming year!If you think you might be up for it, now’s your chance to get involved! Or, if you know someone you think would do a fantastic job, you can nominate them for a position as well!

This year, FuJET will be changing election requirements for the top positions slightly to a method used in previous campaigns. Candidates wishing to run for the executive positions of president/vice-president (or co-president) are asked to find a running mate and campaign together as a team. Once the polls open, both names will be on the same ballot, and the FuJET community will vote in its new leaders as an established two-person partnership.


  • You may nominate yourself, or nominate a friend (with their permission!) by sending an email with the name of the nominee and the desired position to the FuJET email account at <fujet.council@gmail.com> by no later than Wednesday, March 4, 2015.
  • You must be a current member of the JET Programme who is re-contracting for the 2015-2016 year.
  •  You may only run for one council position. If a candidate is nominated for two positions, they must choose which position they wish to run for, and may not change their minds once the full list of candidates is announced.

Available council positions are as follows:

  • PRESIDENT: Working with the FuJET Council, the President oversees the distribution of information to Fukushima JETs, organises trips and social events throughout the year in order to foster friendships and connections within the local community, and welcomes new JETs at both the Tokyo Orientation and Fukushima Orientation. 
  • VICE-PRESIDENT: Works with the president in the smooth running of FuJET, and assists with all associated duties.
  • TREASURER: The FuJET Treasurer works with the FuJET Council to administer and supervise the FuJET budget, including all financial transactions. Payments made to FuJET for trips and social events are handled by the Treasurer through the FuJET bank account. The Treasurer also has a supervisory role in FuJET on matter pertaining to the function and productivity of the current council.
  • WEBMASTER/MISTRESS: The Webmaster designs, manages and updates all of the FuJET-related websites. Other duties include IT support for the FuJET Council, database backups and finding web, hardware and software solutions for FuJET. The webmaster will need skills in HTML, CSS, SQL, and wiki markup.
  • NEWS EDITOR: The News Editor manages the FuJET Twitter account and manages and distributes the monthly newsletter, the Lucky Island. In addition, the News Editor also writes and edits articles for the the FuJET news site.
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: The Volunteer Coordinator communicates with volunteer organisations and coordinates fundraising and volunteer activities in and around Fukushima prefecture. To encourage grassroots internationalisation opportunities for Fukushima JETs and their Japanese communities, the Volunteer Coordinator is the main source of information for local volunteering opportunities.

As always, we welcome any questions you may have. Just direct your emails to the FuJET executive team at <fujet.council@gmail.com>, and we’ll do our best to fill you in on anything you want to know!

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