2017 Fuku-Orientation Party RSVP

2017 Fuku-Orientation Party RSVP


The Fukushima Orientation party is just around the corner! The party will start at 19.00, August 16th, at the Grand Park Hotel’s rooftop beer garden in Fukushima City. You can check out all of the event details here! RSVPs for the party will close on August 14th at noon so make sure to get your RSVP in!

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August 2016 – The Lucky Island Events

August 2016 – The Lucky Island Events

Koriyama Fireworks Festival

Name: Koriyama Fireworks Festival

Date: August 6th (Saturday)

Area: Koriyama

Address: 富久山町河川敷多目的広場 Fukuyama-cho Kasenjiki Tamokuteki Park

Details: Summer is the time for fireworks festivals! Enjoy food stalls and street vendors during the day and then round out your festival experience by watching a fireworks show featuring 6000 fireworks! The fireworks show will be from 7:30-8:30 PM.

Website: http://fukuyama-s.or.jp/hanabi/


Higashiyama Onsen Water Splashing FestivalName: Higashiyama Onsen Water-Splashing Festival

Date: August 6th (Saturday)

Area: Aizu-Wakamatsu

Address: Higashiyama Onsen

Details: Help the locals of Aizu-Wakamatsu carry a large mikoshi (portable shrine) while getting splashed with water from the local hot springs. If you don’t want to help carry the shrine, you can follow the shrine and help throw water on the people carrying it!

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3757&year=2016&mon=8&day=0&area=&keyword=


Iwaki Fireworks FestivalName: Iwaki Fireworks Festival

Date: August 6th (Saturday)

Area: Iwaki

Address: Onahama Aquamarine, between wharfs 1 and 2

Details: Watch a fireworks show set to music over the water on the coast of Iwaki. Although you will be able to see the fireworks from the surrounding areas, it’s recommended to get seats somewhere at the venue to ensure the best view.

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3817&year=2016&mon=8&day=0&area=&keyword=

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Canyoning in Gunma

Canyoning in Gunma
Canyons Group
Our Canyoning group at the mouth of the Canyon

Have you ever wanted to explore canyons while floating through rapids and jumping off of waterfalls? If so, the FuJET trip to Canyons in Minakami, Gunma is the perfect trip for you! This trip starts with an adventure-packed Saturday filled with a morning of exploring Fox Canyon (highlight: being lowered halfway down a 20-meter waterfall and then dropped the rest of the way into the pool at the bottom) and an afternoon of white-water rafting, bungee jumping, or mountain biking, followed by an evening barbeque and dance party. Sunday features a relaxing soak in an onsen with amazing views and some of the best curry around.

Even if the thought of floating through canyons and jumping off of waterfalls doesn’t give you an anticipatory adrenaline rush, I’d highly recommend this trip. It was one of the first big activities I participated in after arriving in Fukushima last year and it is definitely one of my favorite memories of my first few months. I am not a particularly adventurous person and, I’ll admit, when I first heard about the trip, I was pretty intimidated. It doesn’t help that I’m afraid of heights, so the thought of the waterfall in the middle of the course didn’t make me feel much better. However, I talked to a lot of people who had gone on the trip in the past (including someone who didn’t know how to swim when they went) and they all assured me that they felt completely safe and had a great time. After some deliberation, I signed up. I came to Japan for new experiences, after all, and this definitely counted as a new experience.

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A Message from the ‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar Project Team

A message from the good folks at the ‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar Project!

We, the production team of the annual ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar, are announcing the start of photo submissions for the 2017 edition; our 5th consecutive calendar!

Photo submissions will be accepted until October 31st. But please don’t wait until the final week to send us your photos!

You can submit your photos to us via Email to: ThisIsFukushima@gmail.com

Photo requirements:
Must have been shot within Fukushima. It doesn’t matter when, or by whom. You don’t even need to be a current resident of Fukushima to submit photos to us. As always, photo submissions from prior residents are more than welcome.

The theme of the calendar is interesting people, places or events of Fukushima, so photos that reflect those elements are highly favoured in the selection process for our final images.

Technical Specifics:
Minimum 3000×4000 px (300 dpi) images, preferably shot in horizontal format. But if you have a really interesting vertical image, by all means submit it to us.

The ‘This is Fukushima’ project is an annual collaborative effort of dozens of people, not the least of whom being the many people who share their photos with us each year. Because without your wonderful photos, there can be no calendar.

So… let’s start shooting and browsing through our photo archives!

dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

– For more information about the This is Fukushima project, please visit our website: www.ThisIsFukushima.org

July 2016 – The Lucky Island Events

July 2016 – The Lucky Island Events

Aizu-Bange Planting FestivalName: Aizu-Bange Planting Festival

Date: July 6th (Saturday)-7th (Sunday)

Area:  Aizu-Bange town

Address: 栗村稲荷神社 Kurimura Inaka Shrine

Details: Join the people of Bange as they pray for a fruitful year and celebrate the beginning of summer. Featuring a Saotome dance performance, a sumo competition, and portable shrines, this festival is a great way to start the summer!

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3779&year=2016&mon=7&day=0&area=&keyword=


Name: Ura-Bandai Fireworks Festival    Ura-Bandai Fireworks Festival

Date: July 21st (Thursday)

Area:  Ura-Bandai

Address: 桧原湖第一駐車場 Lake Hibara First Parking Lot

Details: Ura-Bandai’s yearly fireworks festival will take place on July 21st this year. The festival will begin at 4PM with the fireworks commencing after dark.

Website:  http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3724&year=2016&mon=7&day=0&area=&keyword=


Tajima Gion FestivalName: Aizu-Tajima Gion Festival

Date: July 22nd-23rd

Area:  Aizu-Tajima

Address: 南会津町田島地域 Minami-Aizu Town Tajima Region

Details: Tajima’s annual Gion festival will feature a crafts exhibition and kabuki performances, all aimed at recreating the feeling of an Edo period festival. As one of Japan’s three major Gion festivals, it’s definitely one to mark on your calendar. The festival runs from noon to 10:30 PM on the 22nd and from 7 AM to 11 PM on the 23rd.

Website: http://www.minamiaizu.org/gion/index.html


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