This is Fukushima Calendar Project 2018 Photo Submissions!

This is Fukushima Calendar Project 2018 Photo Submissions!

The production team of the annual This is Fukushima calendar project are announcing the start of photo submissions for the 2018 edition. From the production team:

Now in our sixth consecutive year, we are excited at the prospect of another excellent production. The photographs we publish in the calendar are critical to the success of each year’s project, because without them there can be no calendar!

If you have any photographs you would like to submit to us for consideration for the 2018 Calendar, you can submit them to us via email to:

The final deadline for photo submissions is October 31st, but please don’t wait until the final days to submit your photos! The calendar is completed by December each year, after which it is distributed to every prefecture in Japan as well as to many recipients in countries around the world. If we do end up using your photos, we’ll gladly send you your own copies of the new calendar to share with family and friends.

Photo criteria:

The photos must have been taken in Fukushima prefecture. It doesn’t matter when although images taken post-2011 would be more ideal for the purposes of the calendar. Our theme is: Beautiful Fukushima – The Land and Its┬áPeople. Any submitted images that support this theme are given greater consideration in the selection process.

For more information about photo criteria and technical specifics, as well as our calendar project in general, please visit our website:

Let’s work together to produce another great calendar on behalf of the people of Fukushima!