The Lucky Island Events September 2018

The Lucky Island Events September 2018

School is back in session, new FuJETs are getting used to their new homes, and the weather is finally (finally!) starting to cool down. Just when you thought the festival season was over, we now enter autumn and harvest festival seasons! No matter what you’re keen to do, there’s something on every weekend in the Lucky Island!



Name: Hinoemata Kabuki

Date: Saturday, September 1

Area:  Minami Aizu

Time: Seating starts at 6pm, performance starts at 7pm

Price: 1,000 for day-trip people; free for those staying in hotels in the town

Address: 〒967-0521 福島県 南会津郡檜枝岐村 字居平

Details: Watch traditional Edo-period Kabuki that has been passed down by Hinoemata villagers for more than 260 years. It is held in an outdoor theater and will only be cancelled due to heavy rain. It is only accessible by car and a bit out of the way, but well worth the journey!



Name: Furudono Sumo Festival

Date: September 8th

Area: Furudono

Details:  From 1pm. Men can join the bouts, women can watch as the men compete in actual sumo bouts in little more than their underwear. A car is needed to access this mountainous spot. If you wish to fight, contact John Loynes asap via the Facebook event page.

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This is Fukushima Calendar Project

A message from our friends over at the ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar project:

We are currently accepting photo submissions for the 2019 edition of the  ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar.

Last year, with the generous support of many current and former Fukushima residents we produced 3,000 copies of the 2018 This is Fukushima calendar – our best calendar to date!

They were distributed for free across Japan and several countries internationally. The purpose of the calendar project is to show the world that…

“…Fukushima is more than a news headline or a power plant that shares its name.”

Photos can be submitted to us via Email to:

Additional information about our evaluation and selection process for photos can be found at our website:

All images selected for use in the calendar will be printed with proper photo credit, and additionally we will also send you several of the new calendars after they’re produced.

Photo submissions for the new calendar will be accepted until Wednesday, October 31st 2018. Although that’s a few months away, please don’t wait until the last few days to send in your photos!

We need your photos, because without them there can be no calendar!


So what are you shutter-bugs waiting for? Go out there and get some amazing shots for a good cause!