Sign up for Mid-Year Dinner 2009

The Mid-Year Conference is coming up and you know what that means… all FuJETS get to reunite!

After the first day of the conference (November 26), we’ll be heading to the Asahi Beer Factory. What’s on the table? Two hours of nomihoudai (all-you-can-drink, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) as you feast over all-you-can-eat Genghis Khan-style BBQ. For vegetarians, we’ll set you up with a vegetarians-only table.

We will be taking a bus from the hotel to the beer factory. If we get 45 people, that fills one bus. We can only get a second bus if we get another 45 people to fill it to maximum capacity. So make me proud FuJETS! Come out and play! This is the only time during the year that all FuJETs will be together in one place, for real.

UPDATE: The final price is 4,000 yen. You will not need to furikomi your money. Just bring cash to the conference; we will be collecting it either during morning registration or during the afternoon AJET meeting on the 26th.

To reserve your spot, you should e-mail yoshidamatthew [at] gmail [dot] com. Please indicate if you are vegetarian. If you’ve already e-mailed Gemma or fujetcouncil [at] gmail [dot] com, that’s fine. No need to RSVP twice. We’re extending this invite to your JTEs as well. If you want to show them how we party, this is the time to do it! We’ll update a list on the FuJET forums with willing party goers. Please sign up by Friday, November 13 – the earlier, the better!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you sign up, you are responsible for finding a replacement in the event you need to drop out.

After the Asahi Beer Factory, the bus(es) will whisk you back to the hotel. The rest of the night is up to you – find some karaoke, another bar, go to sleep, etc.

So, to wrap up:

What: Mid-Year Dinner
Where: Asahi Beer Factory
When: November 26, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. **Meet at the Sunroute Plaza at 5:40 p.m.**
Cost: 4,000 yen

You should come – it’s going to be epic!!

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