Leavers’ (July 2010)

Hey Y’all!

It’s already the end of the year, and what better way to go, than with a bangsesh?

JULY 9TH of 2010 will be the day where many of us  will say goodbye to our friends for the last time. But whoever said this was a sad thing?!?! Let’s enjoy it at the fan favorite BIG APPLE.

Get your dancing shoes on, because its going to be a crazy ride!

DATE: July 9th, 2010
TIME: 8pm-1am (after the prefectural leavers ceremony)
PLACE: Big Apple, Fukushima City (same as welcome orientation party)
COST: 3000 yen
WHO’S: Everyone!  JETs, non-JETs, Japanese people–please invite anyone you want…especially the nominees for the Ghost Writer Best Non-JET award!!
PLACE TO SLEEP: Up to you to figure out!  Ask your best Fukushima City buddies and I’m sure they’ll let you stay at their place.  Or get a hotel room for the night (ie. Tokyuu/ Tokyoko Inn).  Why not splurge a little?  You deserve it!

DIAPER PARTY. Yes ladies and not so gentlemen, your theme this year is Diaper Party. OLD PEOPLE AND BABIES. let’s choice! Guys, get creative. Girls, get slu…get um… classy. This will be the most epic theme of all time. Don’t forget.

Guys, this is like the senior prom. LAST CHANCE! Show your simply sexual feelings for others, as well as your ongoing love of flashdance and beerfest.

By and far the best party of the year, let’s get together and enjoy!

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