2009 FuJET Leavers Party: ABC you later!

Whoever said that dreams can’t come true…twice?

Yup, that’s right–on July 10 we’re taking you back to where all the greatness started…back to where dreams were made and nicknames were created….BIG APPLE!

The Leavers Party is fast upon us, and while it’s a sign that many of our good friends are leaving us behind for bigger and better things, it’s also a time to rejoice in all the memories we’ve shared with each other over the past year(s)…and go crazy one last time!

I could keep babbling on, but I’d rather get straight to the point.

DATE: July 10, 2009
TIME: 8pm-1am (roughly after the ceremony for the leavers)
PLACE: Big Apple, Fukushima City–site of the Fukushima Orientation party
COST: 3000 yen
PLACE TO SLEEP: Up to you to figure out! Ask your best Fukushima City buddies and I’m sure they’ll let you stay at theirs. Or get a hotel room for the night (ie. Toyoku Inn). Why not splurge a little? You deserve it!
THEME: ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party

The ABC party theme is basically what it sounds like. Clothes (for the most part) are not allowed! Instead, we want you to fashion your own clothes from whatever you have laying around. Got some extra sheets that you don’t use? Make it into a toga! How about that Canadian flag that’s gathering dust on your wall? Boom! Instant skirt/cape. Remember that roll of caution tape you stole from that crime scene? Caution tape dress? Yes please! Got a lot of leftover PET bottles? Go recycle them you lazy bastard! I mean…turn that into something! If you’re still at a loss, just Google “abc party” or check this site out, it should give you some ideas.

Lastly, because this party IS in the middle of downtown Fukushima, either dress semi-appropriately OR bring something to cover up. Big Apple is about a 10-minute walk from the station, so unless you don’t mind showing off your costume, I suggest you think of a way to keep things under wraps until you get to the party.

Feel like you haven’t been able to truly express your thanks to your sempais? This is your chance! Finally ready to express those undying feelings of erotic love for that lucky girl or guy? This is your chance! Want to drink, dance, and have a great time? Then, goshdarnit, THIS IS YOUR MAFACKIN CHANCE!

Not only will this be one of your last chances to party with EVERYONE and to show your love for our newly crowned FuJET king and queen, but the Leavers Party is also where we will give out the annual FuJET awards. Yes, that’s right, these are the awards voted on by you the people, for the people! You gotta come out and represent! Best Sempai? Most Fantastic Freshman? Amy Winehouse Award? Barack Obama Award?!?! Come out and show your love for your fellow Fukers…and who knows, maybe you’ll even go home with a prize! So what do you say?

Let’s party!

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