It’s like Ongaku to my Mimi…

HEY! So I spent this entire past weekend at home. And what do I do when I spend an entire weekend at home? Download new music! And sort through the stuff I’ve downloaded here and there. My latest batch of recommendations:

The Dream – Love vs Money
This is the guy who was featured and produced Gym Class Heroes’ “Cookie Jar.” If you haven’t heard already, that song is a Fukushima favourite. So I thought I’d give this album a try. The reviews it’s been getting are quite favourable. As it turns out, HOLY BABY MAKIN’ MUSIC. I’m not usually the type who’s into RnB slow jams and being all smooth “in this club” but this album is a winner. The way he covers the Love vs Money dilemma is entertaining in itself, but some of the beats are simply impressive. Really high production value. Showcasing some collaborations with heavyweights such as Kanye and Mariah certainly doesn’t hurt and contributes really positively to the album. Think of Usher but dirtier, Ne-Yo but bouncier, Chris Brown but less-Rihanna punching (douche).

Ra ra riot – The Rhumb Line
Just when I thought I needed a break from Vampire Weekend, I accidentally stumbled into one of this band’s songs on one of the Indie Playlists. As a sidenote, the person who used to put out those really good indie playlists (until December I think) had to stop because the record industry was going to press charges for copyright infringement. There’s this new guy “Blalock” who puts out a list now. They’re not nearly as good and I wouldn’t bother downloading those.

So, Ra ra riot…pleasant listening. Lots of kick drum and violin sounds and singing about girls. It’s a formula that works for me. A spirit raiser if you will. Don’t bother downloading their entire discography because most of their other stuff is EPs and those songs are almost ALL on “The Rhumb Line.”

And now I will take this opportunity to say: HEY AUSSIE JETs, you’re lazy. Where’s that list of Australian music recommendations? I made my Canadian list months ago. Here are some suggestions while they get their act together (these are all secondhand suggestions):

Pendulum – In Silico
This was suggested to me as an alternative to Justice. If you’ve been around me at all, you know that I’ve been listening to Cross for faaaaar too long, over and over and over. A lot of their earlier stuff is simply too Drum n Bass for me. A lot of their songs sound the same. But, with this latest album, I think the guys are aiming for some commercial success. I recently saw a clip of them performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The end result is still pretty Drum n Bass-y but with made more palatable (at least for me) with grinding guitar sounds

The Horrorshow
Recommended by a friend, still in Uni, who got lost on Myspace while procrastinating for a paper. She stumbled onto this Turned out to be a very laid-back, not really the dancing kind of, underground hip-hop album. I managed to download it from some weird website through doing a Google search (I couldn’t find it as a torrent). Really fun to listen to for those “at home” moments, while cooking for example. The album was probably released during the summertime in Australia and it really gives me an inside look as to what a summer on the Gold Coast could be like.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Woooooooooooooooooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s how one of the songs, “Icecream” starts. I don’t even know if his album is available for commercial purchase because it gives off the “I made this in my basement with my buddies one night after we came back from an MDMA-fuelled party” vibe. Some of the songs are really similar sounding and get kinda tiring but it’s a good pre-drinking mix once you sort through the tracks. Here’s an example of the lyrics: “Hey Muscles. I love you. I wanna have your babies.”

So there you go Aussies, make a proper list now. And before I go, a short word about MSTRKRFT – Fist of God. I was really looking foward to this album because MSTRKRFT is really good at making music for me to dance to. The critics are absolutely slaying it. Like, absolutely. I think this might have to do with the fact that it’s MSTRKRFT’s first album to receive media attention. Their previous releases were sorta under the radar and mainly popular with the club scene. Anyway, “Fist of God” is decent. I like it. Not a really cohesive album, but it’s perfectly suited for driving (really fast), working out, and doing shots before you go out dancing. The electric guitars and chainsaw sounds are quite particular. The Bloody Beetroots and Fake Blood are other DJs I would recommend for this “genre”.

Happy listening.

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