FuJET Casino Leavers Party


This year we have the pleasure of organizing the Leavers Party. As you know, Leavers will be in Fukushima City on the 5th of July following the Leavers Conference.

For those of you who don’t like reading details and only like foot notes, here they are!

What: Leavers party/super fundraiser for Karina and Hannah’s book drive!

When: 5th of July, from 8pm til midnight

Where: AGATO Café & Dining

Reserve your spot: Email <fujetcouncil@gmail.com> to let us know you’re coming and send us your nominations for Leavers awards too! You can find a list of the awards at the bottom of the event information!

Theme: Casino Night

Who: Anyone! The more the merrier, as the saying goes!

Price: 3,000 yen w/ costume OR 3,500 yen w/o costume

DJs: If you are interested in doing a spot, drop us a mail, and we will try to sort out a schedule!

Silent Auction: Bid on stuff!

Now, for those of you who like to know the full picture, let us explain!

We have decided that the theme this year is…CASINO NIGHT! This fits with our fundraising efforts for Jimmy’s Village School.

You can dress Vegas style (ie showgirl, geeky tourist, Pen & Teller, slot machine, etc.) or you can go as spiffy as Bond in Casino Royale or you can also go 1920’s rat pack gambler style with slicked back hair and everything! You can even go simply as a cocktail waiter/ress. It’s pretty open. Just come as something you would find in a casino-so use your imagination and get creating!

The theme for the night is CASINO NIGHT. Why you ask? Well, we’re doing a combined fundraiser for Karina and Hannah’s book drive for Jimmy’s Village School. We want to help them get books and cash for their projects, as well as any other items they may need. We feel this is a great cause, and fully want to help them out in any way that we can.  You know that the money raised will go to a good cause (who wouldn’t want to raise a bit of cash for underprivileged kids overseas?), so in order to do this, we will be having games for people to play.

Games: Since this is a casino, of course there are going to be games! However, they will all cost money to play. But worry not, some of your money will be going to charity, and if you win, you’ll get a prize too!

Some possible games at this event include (but are not limited to):

  • Black Jack
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Roulette
  • Betting Board (so one can bet on the nominated people they think will win the awards this year)

Try your hand to see if Lady Luck favours you!

DJs: This year we are looking to have 5 DJs jamming for us, so you can look forward to music you can dance to all night long (Or at least until midnight. When you must leave.)
If you’re interested in a spot, drop us a mail, and we will sort out a schedule. Favour will be given to those leaving this year.

Silent Auction: As part of our fundraising drive, we will be offering a Silent Auction. There will be some items up for grabs, but also people (not as suspect as it sounds…kind of). There will be heaps of things to choose from, so have a look on the night, and if you see something that takes your fancy, bid on it!

Price: So we stated earlier that the price is 3,000/3,500 yen for four (4) hours of all-you-can-drink. Agato will has a pretty standard drink menu: beer, cocktails, soft drinks, and so on. We want to caution everyone that this is our first time using Agato, so let’s make a good first impression! Please drink in moderation and look out for your friends! No ambulances please!

This year there will be five (5) prizes for costumes:

  • Best Overall Costume
  • Best Group Costume
  • Best Handmade Costume
  • Most Unique Costume
  • Most Funniest Costume

So do your best to get a funny-unique-bestest-awesomest costume ever!

Also don’t forget about the awards we have every year! If you think you know someone that deserves to win one of the following prizes, let us know:

1. The Yoda Award – Best Sempai
2. The FTW Freshman Award – Best New JET
3. The I’d Tap That His Award – Most attractive male
4. The I’d Tap That Her Award – Most attractive female
5. The STD Award – Individual most seen with members of the opposite/same sex
6. The “Oh Good God Stop Being So Genki” Award – person most likely to make your hangover worse by being cheery in the morning
7. The DPRK Award – Person most dangerous to those around them
8. The Charlie Sheen Award – Sloppiest/most drunk individual
9. The Perez Hilton Award – Person most likely to hear gossip from
10. The Good Cheese Award – Most likely to be missed
11. The Best Non-JET – Person who may as well be a JET
12. The Nobel Prize Award – The person most likely to go on to achieve great things after JET
13. The Community Outreach Award – Person who has gone above and beyond in giving back to Fukushima
14. The “Kawaiiiiiiiii” Award – Worst abuse of annoying Japanese phrases

Please email the nominations to us at <fujetcouncil@gmail.com>. All of the nominations will be kept confidential and only read by the co-presidents (you can still nominate us for things too, and we promise we won’t judge…much).

Phew! That’s just about it!

We are really excited about the theme and the cause this year, so we hope everyone will enjoy it too!

We look forward to your support. Let’s enjoying!

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