FuJET Canyoning 2013

canyoning_bekoReady to get your canyoning on? The weekedend of September 13th, FuJET will head out down to Gunma, the crane-shaped prefecture famous for cabbages and konyaku. Gunma is also home to a myriad of outdoor activities and scenic spots. FuJET will set out from Fukushima Friday evening, arriving in Gunma late that night, ready for a Saturday chock-full of the great outdoors.

With the help of Canyons Japan and their highly-trained team of extreme sports specialists, we’ll be strapping on our helmets and wetsuits and sliding and jumping down Fox Canyon in Minakami, Gunma. This shady gorge features several waterfalls, the tallest measuring over 20 meters in height.

But wait-! That’s not all! The other half of the day will be occupied by either tandem-paragliding, bungee jumping, or river rafting. Talk about taking on the great outdoors!

Just when you think your body can’t handle any more, FuJET will be getting together with Gunma JET(GAJET) to barbecue and party the night away to live music.  All you FuJETs better bring your A-Game to show Gunma how to party properly.

Thankfully, Sunday will be much more relaxed. Before heading back to the Lucky Island, FuJET will travel to the famed Takaragawa Onsen. Takaragawa Onsen boasts several gorgeous outdoor baths, waterfall views, and–oh yeah– a mixed bathing experience.

The canyoning trip will take place over a three-day weekend this year. With Monday being a public holiday you’ll have a chance to relax, think about all of the great memories you made in Gunma, the amazing waterfalls, and how you can’t wait to go canyoning again next year.

As always, a big shout out and thank-you to the tireless FuJET council for organising this fantastic trip. For more information, also check out the FB event page. Let’s canyon-ing!

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