Camping in Aizu: A Chance of Rain


by Erica Grainger&Tony Villa

Through Erica’s eyes:
Good weather, good friends, good food and good wine. What else does one need?  The day began innocently enough, I remember feeling quite cheerful and excited, seeing old faces and new faces and even old faces on new bodies!  Amongst the new faces I met were Cat from San Francisco, Jess from Canberra, Suzy from the UK and Tony from Chicago.  Upon meeting Suzy, I found myself thinking, what a really fascinating background.  Cat and I got along like a house on fire, Jess is a fellow Australian, and then there was Tony…an intriguing chap from Chicago.  If he had been from New York, he could have been a replica of Tony from West Side Story,since they are both JETs, but I digress….

I found myself sitting by the river for most of the evening counting the spooky bats flying past and Caveman insisted that he had seen a wolf! Surely not a werewolf, I mean this isn’t a chapter from Twilight, is it?  Anyway, I was returning from the river with Jeremy, when I felt a few heavy droplets from above.  Without warning, those droplets turned into gigantic bullets of water that hit and stung me.  I felt like I was in a Shakespearean tragic-comedy and I was playing the part of one of those screaming lasses that loses her sanity. I was saying ridiculously mystifying things like, “Where’s our tent?” It had blown away! I panicked a little I admit, but the wind was literally blowing me away!  I felt like a drowned rat wearing a lemon coloured drenched dress! I was soaked to the bone and let’s just say it wasn’t my prettiest moment.  Steven came to my rescue and offered Merran and I a lift home with him and Xan.  Xan had the brilliant idea of visiting an onsen.  So from 10:30 til midnight we relaxed and recovered in the warm waters of Fujima Onsen in Aizu.  Aaah, this is the life I thought!  By 3am, I was safely tucked into my futon, in Iwaki. What a day, what a night, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Tony’s tale:
The unforgettable evening started as I made my way from thekonbini to the campsite. The night was calm and beautiful as we got closer, little did we know there was a typhoon lurking around the corner.
As we arrived I was let down immediately as there was no camp fire burning, however that was quickly dismissed as we had great company, a nice river, and Cord and Ashley on the grill. There were many new and familiar faces, including a fellow breakfast club member, Suzy. I found myself distracted by a group of people making their way to the river and so I tagged along.
In the distance a distinct voice came tumbling into my ear, it had an interesting accent. Normally I am good with accents, but this one was one of a kind. Sure enough it was Erica Grainger, she then explained about her duality of her accent in a joyful manner. As I made my way back up to the campsite the wind started picking up, but I just brushed it aside. The smell of the food was too strong and my growling stomach was all I could think, hear, and care for.
As I was eating and standing around the grill the typhoon made its way into our camp. “Ouch………….” I felt a SMACK on my head. The wind was so strong it managed to knock off branches from the tree next to us. Yes, that’s right I said branches not twigs. The rain came soon after and it was coming from every direction, even side-ways!

The night ended in a frenzy, as everyone panicked and went home as the typhoon was too much to endure. Yet, there was one good thing about the typhoon: nobody went home alone that night. HECK! We all went home with something that night whether we liked it or not, and for all we know they are still in our cars, apartments, and even on our clothes… If you feel that chill running up your leg say “HI” to Mr. fuzzy wuzzy wittle ugly caterpillar for me.  ;P

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