FuJET Midyear Conference Beer Hall Dinner

midyear_bannerBEER AND MEAT!!!

Now that I have your attention, I would like to invite you all to eat beer and meat after day one of the mid year conference!

——————-The bare-bones details:—————————–

When: Tuesday, November the 5th
What: A TWO hour all you can drink and eat at the ASAHI Beer Garden!
How much: 3,500 ~ 4,000 YEN
Who: ANYONE is welcome!
How: Email us at fujetcouncil@gmail.com to sign up!
By when: Sign ups will end October 27th, 7pm! Don’t miss out!

———————In depth details:————————————

When? Tuesday, November the 5th, (the first night of the conference). We have two buses and they will be leaving Hotel Sun Route Plaza at 5.50 PM. Please meet outside the hotel before then!

What? The mid-year conference in November is the only time in the year when all of the Fukushima JETs come together; old and new! So, every year FuJET books the Asahi Beer Garden for drinking, eating and mixing!

It is a TWO hour all you can drink and all you can eat! The food is essentially lamb yakiniku and veggies, and there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to cater to everyone! Drinks (alcohol and soft drinks), meat, good company….what more could one want?

For the vegetarians, we can order the veggie option for you…. but it is a bit lacking. They essentially give you bean sprouts, pumpkins, onions and mushrooms. Sometimes they do oiled pasta, so we will see if they can do it again this year. BUT you can bring along you own extras to grill – noodles, eggplants, carrots and so on. So come either way, and enjoy the fun times.

How much? 3,500 to 4,000 yen. We will let you know the final price once a few things get finalised! This fee covers all food, drinks and transport. Payment will be taken at the conference – in the morning and at the FuJET meeting in the afternoon. If you put your name on the list and pull out without finding a replacement, we will unfortunately have to ask you to pay anyway.

Who? Like we said, anyone! You, your JTE, your hug-pillow, JET, non-JET, your JTE’s 102 year-old obaa-chan, anyone! Just make sure that they are all included in your RSVP email. Speaking of which…

How? If you want to come, please send an email to fujetcouncil@gmail.com

Please include your name and if you require the vege option or not! It would help us if you put the subject as ‘Mid Year‘ as well!

Please note – this is NOT the Motomiya Beer Hall. If you want to drive yourself, or make your own way there, PLEASE let us know!

There is a limit of 90 people for this trip and it always fills up so sign up ASAP! Sign ups will end October 27th at 7pm, so don’t leave it to the last minute!

After party? NEO, a club in Fukushima city, has offered us a nomihoudai deal – two hours for 2, 000 YEN! They also do drink by drink deals. It’s up to you whether or not you head out clubbing or go and crash!

Oh, and NEO said we can provide our own DJs, so if you are interested in playing some tunes, please send us a mail.

We look forward to seeing everyone there – it is a really fun night and a great chance to talk to everyone!

The LIST of uber-awesome-attendees-of-cool-town:

1). Erika E.
2). Rokan
3). Kris M.
4). Kim R.
5). Erica G.
6). Paul R.
7). Pavel K.
8). Ellen H.
9). Aki G.
10). Lara Mc.
11). Tomoko Y.
12). Gert P.
13). Elie V.
14). David S.
15). Maxwell L.
16). Tony V.
17). Moff.
18). Cord D.
19). David T. (Vege)
20). Michael H.
21). Nathan O.
22). Nico P.
23). Fane W.
24). Emma G.
25). Mark N.
26). Felicity K.
27). Hiroshi K.
28). Alan I.
29). Hugh K.
30). Rachael B.
31). Tommy P.
32). Sam A.

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