FuJET Tokyo Sumo Tournament 2014

sumo2014WHAT: SUMO!!!!
WHEN: January 25th 2014
WHERE: Tokyo
PRICE: 5, 500 YEN
LIMIT: 30 people! PLACES GO QUICK!!!!
DEADLINE: December the 4th
HOW TO SIGN UP: Email <fujetcouncil@gmail.com> to reserve your spot. We are accepting emails from NOW until Dec. 4!

Every year, FuJET buys a bunch of tickets for the big Sumo match held in Tokyo every year. Sumo wrestling is probably the most exciting and fascinating fighting sports there is. This remarkable kind of Japanese wrestling match has been in existence for hundreds of years, so why don’t you come and watch it with some friends?!
We buy the tickets for you, so we can all sit together!

HOWEVER – these tickets sell out especially fast – especially as this is the second to last day of the tournament. But fear not! I will put anyone past the first 30 on a special list, and try to get you guys tickets. It depends every year how many we can get, so the faster you sign up, the better chance you have!

We will ask EVERYONE to pay in advance for your tickets via furikomi the full amount. The sooner you get your payments in, the sooner we can get the tickets! So we are asking you send us your money by the 4th of December!

(For more information about furikomi, check out our wiki – http://wiki.fujet.org/wiki/index.php?title=Furikomi)

However it is going to be up to YOU to organize your own transportation and accommodation for that night. We are not going to be sorting that out for you.

You can spend as long, or as little time as you want watching the matches. We will post the schedule of the fights once we have it. Usually people arrive from around midday and then watch the matches.

That night, usually a bunch of people go clubbing or out to dinner – so ask around, and find out what everyone is up to!

Remember – if you want to go, you need to RSVP to fujetcouncil@gmail.com ASAP! We are accepting emails from NOW until Dec. 4.

Sumo is an amazing part of Japanese culture, so why not watch it with us!

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