FuJET Midyear Conference Beer Hall Dinner Recap

by Tiffany Thiessen

On November 5th the Fukushima JET community met in Fukushima-shi for the Mid-Year Skill Development Conference. Although we learned a lot at the conference, the highlight of the gathering came that evening at the Asahi Beer Hall. Many JETs and even some JTEs gathered at the Asahi Beer Hall and feasted on trays filled with meat and veggies, and who can forget the beer? There were many smiles and laughs had throughout the evening. There were even a few people pushing to raise money for Movember.
The night didn’t end there for the majority of the group. Fukushima JETs were invited to attend and after party at NEO where there was dancing, socializing, and more drinks to be had. Other JETs headed off to Yattai to top off the night. There was good conversation and a few more beers. Overall the Mid-Year Conference was a success both during and after hours!

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