Now Open! Voting for the 2014-2015 FuJET Council!–UPDATE! Polls are now closed!


UPDATE! March 14, 20014 Ladies and gentlemen! The polls are now closed! Thanks to all of you who took the time to vote and make their voice heard for the new council! Stay on the lookout and keep your eyes peeled for the election results!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce that voting for the 2014-2015 FuJET Council has officially started! Voting will run from now until March 14th at 6:30PM.

This year, we will have elections for the positions of president, vice-president, and treasurer.  For the positions of president and vice-president, the nominee with the highest number of votes will win the presidency with the nominee with the second-highest number of votes winning the vice-presidency.  As such, you will be allowed to cast two votes for the presidential candidates. For the treasurer candidates, you can cast a single vote.

Make sure that you have your JET number ready (found on your JET study materials or you can check with a PA!) and let’s vote! Just follow the button to get started!