A Message from the 2013-2014 FuJET Council

Hello everyone!

As our term comes to an end, we would like to take a minute to look back on what we achieved during the 2013~2014 year as your FuJET leaders.

What we achieved:
– Added two new events to the FuJET event calendar (Bandai and Oze climbs)
– For the first time, doubled the maximum number of people for our Canyoning trip (from 24 people to 48)
– Created a newsletter (The Lucky Island)
– Updated and maintained our news site (fujet.org)
– Created a Fukushima wiki (wiki.fujet.org)
– Started a FuJET facebook page
– Held council meetings and posted the minutes on our news site
– Started a FuJET library
– We improved sales from previous years of the kanji guide at Tokyo Orientation to raise 223, 060 yen and donated those funds to Eyes 4 Fukushima (E4F)
– Raised 30, 000 yen for Jimmy’s School in Cambodia
– Raised 50, 000 yen for the Philippine Red Cross
– Created a 37 page comprehensive guide on what to expect for the next council leaders

What we didn’t achieve:
– Creating the positions of Ministers of Fun. We posted about the position, but unfortunately no one expressed interest

We feel that during our term, we managed to achieve much of what we set out to do. We made events more transparent, held council meetings, created new events and created new ways of getting information out to the public. It’s been a roller coaster year full of ups and downs, but hopefully FuJET will continue to grow in the upcoming years. It’s been a pleasure serving as your FuJET Co-Presidents, and we wish the next FuJET Council the best of luck for the upcoming year.


Thanks for the memories FuJET!

Erika Ehren and Joshua Tweedy
FuJET Co-presidents 2013~2014

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