FuJET Pun-tacular 2014 Leavers Party!

punThe theme for the 2014 Leavers Party in Fukushima City has been announced– and it’s pun-tacular! It’s PUNS! Check out the Facebook event. To RSVP and nominate people for the Leavers Awards— head here now!


WHAT: FuJET Leavers Party
Every summer, there comes a sad time when we are forced to bid farewell tothe many wonderful people who will be moving on from JET in the coming weeks. That time is almost here, so let’s give them the best send-off we can!

WHEN: Friday, July 4th, 2014 (following the Leavers Conference), from 8:00 pm – 12:00 am

WHERE: AGATO Café & Dining, Fukushima City

HOW MUCH: 3,000 yen with a costume / 3,500 yen without a costume
Your money will get you FOUR (4) hours of all-you-can-drink fun times in excellent company!
Agato has been really good to us when we’ve booked with them in the past, so let’s be nice to them!
Look out for your friends, and pace yourselves. Let’s not call any ambulances!

Inside every person secretly lurks an inner oyaji, just waiting to be freed.
Their time has come at last, because our theme this year is… PUNS!

If you’re not sure what a punny costume is, here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
– An empty box of granola and a knife: Cereal Killer
– A cowboy costume: Ranch Dressing

Speaking of costumes…

You’d better believe we have costume prizes! This year, we’ll be giving out five (5) fabulous prizes for the following categories:
– Best Overall Costume
– Best Group Costume
– Best Handmade Costume
– Most Unique Costume
– Funniest Costume
Show us what you’ve got!

We’re looking for DJs to keep us dancing from start to finish! If you’re interested in taking a turn, send us a mail at <fujet.council@gmail.com> and we’ll see if we can’t get you sorted! (Leavers will get priority.)

This is the time of year when you, the good people of Fukushima, are called upon to nominate your friends for the illustrious FuJET Awards! Tell us if you think you know somebody who deserves to win one of the following:

1. The Yoda Award: Best sempai
2. The FTW Freshman Award: Best new JET
3. The Good Cheese Award: Person most likely to be missed
4. The I’d Tap That for Him Award: Most attractive male
5. The I’d Tap That for Her Award: Most attractive female
6. The Bromance Award: Most beautiful dude friendship
7. The Awwwww Award: Most adorable couple
8. The Oh God Stop Being So Genki Award: Cheery person most likely to make your morning hangover worse
9. The DPRK Award: Person most dangerous to those around them
10. The Natto Award: Person most likely to try anything once
11. The Tyrion Lannister Award: Person most likely to stave off impending death with a witty comeback
12. The Nobel Prize Award: The person most likely to go on to achieve great things after JET
13. The Community Outreach Award: Person who has gone above and beyond in giving back to Fukushima

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