2015 FuJET Leaver’s Party! FUKUSHIMA COMIC CON

savethedatePaging all Browncoats and bronies! Whovians and Potterheads! Cosplayers, trekkies, gamers, and moviephiles! Join us for FUKUSHIMA COMIC-CON! The FuJET 2015 Leaver’s Party!
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**WHO** All of Fukushima and beyond. Leavers, stayers, locals, teachers, everyone. The more the merrier.
**WHAT** Costumed Dance Party & 3 hour nomihoudai
**WHERE** Fukushima City, Area559
**WHEN** Friday, July 3rd, 8:00PM-Midnight (Nomihoudai stops at 11)
**WHY** Because this is one of our last opportunities to party all together. Let’s celebrate our time together and their bright futures with dancing, merriment, and costumes!
**COST** ¥3,000 yen with a costume ¥3,500 yen without

This year’s theme is:

Here in Fukushima, we’re proud of our diverse hobbies, tastes, and fandoms. Let’s celebrate what we love, with who we love, and get together. Into Magic the Gathering? Love your some Adventure Time or perhaps you’re more keen on the Wheel of Time? Let’s your geek-flag show.
We will have prizes for the following categories:
– Best Overall Costume
– Best Group Costume
– Best Handmade Costume
– Most Unique Costume
– Funniest Costume

The cost is 3,000 yen for those in costume, 3,500 yen not in costume. We’ll have an amazing soundtrack playing all night long as we accomplish our mischief. Want to hear a specific song? Let us know! Stay tuned for updates on music and entertainment!


One leaver’s tradition that has been going on for over ten years is the ‘Leaver’s Awards’. A bit of silly fun to top the night off! This year’s categories are:

  • The Yoda Award: Best sempai
  • The FTW Freshman Award:Best new JET
  • The Good Cheese Award: Person most likely to be missed
  • The I’d Tap That for Him Award: Most attractive male
  • The I’d Tap That for Her Award: Most attractive female
  • The Bromance Award: Most beautiful broship
  • The Awwwww Award: Most adorable couple
  • The Oh God Stop Being So Genki Award: Cheery person most likely to make your morning hangover worse
  • The Kawaaaaiiiiiiiii~! Award:Worst abuse of annoying Japanese phrases
  • The Natto Award: Person most likely to try anything once
  • The Tyrion Lannister Award:Person most likely to stave off impending death with a witty comeback
  • The Charlie Sheen Award: The person with the craziest drinking antics
  • The Nobel Prize Award: The person most likely to go on to achieve great things after JET