‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar Project Now Accepting Submissions for 2016!

thisisfukushima_coverAnnouncing the opening of photo submissions for the 2016 edition of the annual ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar! The deadline for photo submissions this year will be: Saturday, October 31st. You can read up about the ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar project at their website, facebook page, twitter. This is Fukushima has been nationally recognised in various newspapers and magazines across the world for their hard work in sharing the Lucky Island’s beautiful landscapes with too many people who hear ‘Fukushima’ and think ‘Disaster’.

Message from ‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar project co-founder, Paul Sprigg:

‘Last year, while producing the current calendar, we learned of some misinformation regarding this project. As such, we felt that it would be prudent to clarify a few matters prior to beginning production this year:

The annual This is Fukushima wall calendar is a non-profit project. Its purpose is to help improve Fukushima’s public image across Japan and the rest of the world in the wake of the March 11, 2011 triple-disaster. When completed, the calendars are distributed across Japan and several countries internationally… FREE OF COST. Any fundraising that we manage each year goes entirely towards production and distribution costs. […] We do it each year because Fukushima has given so much to many of us. We see this project as a way to give something back.

Over the years we have produced this calendar, we have been thankful for all of the support received from all those who help make this project possible. All contributions to the calendar are important. Perhaps most of all are the photos. After all, without your photos there can be no calendar.’



  • 300dpi, minimum 4000 x 3000 px
  • Horizontal orientation is preferred but not required
  • Got a good shot on your phone? Send it in! It can still be used!

Photo submissions can be sent via Email to:

Any photos that are selected for use in the 2016 calendar will be printed with your photo credit. You will also receive a few complimentary calendars when they’re produced.

The photo content can be varied, but try to keep with the idea of Interesting People & Places of Fukushima. (If the image shows the faces of people, please get permission from them before submitting!) Try to show something in your images that someone who has never been to our prefecture will find interesting. Ideally, images that would encourage people to travel here. Fukushima is NOT a radioactive wasteland, and the calendar project is meant to show that to the world.


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