The Lucky Island September 2015 Events

Name: Hinoemata Kabuki

kabukiDate: Saturday, September 6, 2015

Area:  Minami Aizu

Time: Seating starts at 6pm, performance starts at 7pm

Price: 1,000 for day-trip people; free for those staying in hotels in the town

Address: 〒967-0521 福島県 南会津郡檜枝岐村 字居平

Details: Watch traditional Edo-period Kabuki that has been passed down by Hinoemata villagers for more than 260 years. It is held in an outdoor theater and will only be cancelled due to heavy rain. It is only accessible by car and a bit out of the way, but I am sure if you ask nicely, one of the Minami Aizu JETs will let you crash at their apartment!

English Website:


Name: Aizu Fruit and Flower Festival

Date: Sunday, September 13th

Area: Aizuwakamatsu

Time: 9am – 1pm

Address: Yasuragi Firefly Park

24 Miyanohigashi Kitaaizumachi Shimoarai  Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima-ken 965-0111

〒965-0111 福島県会津若松市北会津町下荒井宮ノ東24

Details: Although the name says it is a fruit and flower festival, it appears to be more like a farmers market. Kita Aizu is known for producing great agricultural foods, so if you are looking for some cheap, delicious fruits, vegetables and other produce, stop by!

Japanese Website:


Name: FuJET Canyoning Trip

Date: Friday, September 18th – Sunday, September 20th

Area: Gunma

Time: Friday evening – Sunday evening (depending on your pick up location)

Price: Check out the Facebook event for more details, but I guarantee it is worth the money!

Address: Gunma! You don’t have to worry about the address, our chartered bus will shuttle you there and back from a select number of stations (Fukushima, Koriyama and Aizuwakamatsu)

Details: Get your outdoorsy on with river rafting, paragliding or bungee jumping – after you are sent splashing down rivers and jumping off cliffs first, of course.  Check out the Facebook event for more details!

Facebook Event:


Name: Aizu Samurai Festival 2015

Date: Monday September 21st – Wednesday September 23rd

Area:  Aizuwakamatsu

Time: Lantern Parade: (Mon.) 6pm – 7pm; Obon Dance: (Mon. / Tues.) 7pm – 8:30pm; Drum and Fife Parade (Tues.) from 10am; Aizu Clan Parade (Wed.) 9:25am – 3pm

Address: near the castle and all around that area. It is hard to miss. The closest station is Nanukamachi Station. Aizuwakamatsu Station is the closest major station, but is a further walk to the castle. You can also catch a bus from the station to shinmei or the castle.

Details: Aizuwakamatsu is known as the Samurai City, and with good reason. Thick with history, Wakamatsu pulls out all of the stops every September 21-23 and takes you back to a time of the Shinsengumi, White Tiger Brigade, Niijima Yae…the time of Samurai. This is one of the BIG festivals that Fukushima is famous for! Some of the events to look forward to is the lantern parade (Mon.), Obon dance (Mon., Tues.), Drum and Fife Parade (Tues.) and the Aizu Clan Parade on Wednesday, which is the main event.


There should be a Facebook Event page sent out soon for more information!

Japanese Website:


Name: Abukuma Cave Autumn Festival

Date: Saturday, August 26th – Sunday, August 27th

Area:  Kenchuu Area

Time: 10am – 4pm

Address: Abukuma Dou (Cave)

Higashikamayama-1 Takinemachi Sugaya

Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture 963-3601

Details: Celebrate Autumn with some stage events and food! What makes this festival unique is that it is set up in front of Abukuma Cave, so you can do some cave exploring at the same time! Or you can do a little more serious spelunking in the nearby, less touristy Irimizu Cave (check out the article I wrote about it here!)

Japanese Website: The 2015 event is not posted on their website yet, so here is the 2014 one for reference!


Name: Raramyu Yosakoi Dance Festival

Date: Sunday, September 27th

Area:  Iwaki

Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Address: Iwaki Station, South and West entrance areas.

Details: Enjoy the yosakoi festival dance that is popular all over Japan and the world! There will be over 20 teams participating from all over the prefecture!

Japanese Website:


Name: Furudono Sumo

Date: Saturday, September 12th

Area:  Iwaki

Time: 11am – 5pm

Address:  37.091872,140.598579

Details: Get your Sumo on. Literally. Who wants to just watch sumo when you can actually be a sumo? Or watch your friends body slam each other in nothing more than a loincloth? How about winning some prizes? Come over to Iwaki and enjoy a day in the mountains with other Japanese spectators and participants. It is a lot of fun, lots of drinking (spectators, we recommend you bring some! Participants, you will probably get more than you want.), and all around a good experience. Unfortunately the wrestlers are male only, but women, you can admire some farmer tans and more skin than you probably wanted to see from your male friends. Also – this IS a traditional Japanese event (not a tourist trap) that we have been graciously invited to, so please be respectful of the rules and the Japanese people participating / spectating at the event.


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