June 2016 – The Lucky Island events

Name: Yanaizu Akabeko Walk

Date: June 4th (Saturday)

Area: Aizu

Address:  〒969-7201
福島県 河沼郡柳津町 柳津字下平乙179

Fukushima-ken Kawanmum-gun Yanaizu-machi Yanaizu-ji Shimodaira-otsu 179

Details: A scenic walk along the Tadami River will allow participants to see all of the beautiful scenery Yanaizu has to offer. Featuring courses of three different lengths (8 km, 10km, and 15 km), this is a walk that anyone can participate in. The walk starts at 9:45 in front of the Michi no Eki.

Japanese website: http://www.okuaizu.net/events/event/5998/



Name: FuJET Kumamoto Charity Pub Quiz

Date: June 4th (Saturday)

Area: Koriyama

Address: Big-I, Koriyama: 2 Chome-11-1 Ekimae, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture 963-8002

Details: After the Great Tohoku Earthquake, prefectures from all around Japan stepped up to help us out. Now, it’s our turn to help repay the favour and help our neighbours in Kumamoto rebuild after the devastating earthquakes they’re now rebuilding from. Until the end of June, Kumamoto is directly accepting monetary donations. Let’s get together and raise as much as we to help all while proving who is the biggest smarty-pants!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1401263200175182/



Name: FuJET Leaver’s Party

Date: June 10th (Friday)

Area: Fukushima

Address: Area 559: 〒960-8033 Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima, Banseicho, 1−26, Fukuden building B1F

Details: The Leaver’s Party Theme for 2016 is—the OLYMPICS!
With the Rio Summer Olympics just around the corner, let’s celebrate our national pride and international comradery! Dress up as the number one fan of a country– draped in every flag you can wear! Maybe you’re the ‘light’ of the party (har har) and you’ll be the Olympic torch? Think about those group costumes, too! And what better way to celebrate the Olympics by hosting some of our own (drinking) Olympic games at the party! Beer pong (also known as Beirut), Battleshots, Bouncy Cup (also known as Rage Cage in some strange lands…), and Flip Cup! Do you have the iron stomach needed to bring home the Leaver’s Olympics Gold Medal to your town? Prepare yourself for a night of reminiscing, fond farewells, national anthems, sweet beats and dancing, and international competition and brotherhood!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/579885132189064/pub_quiz


Name: Arios Park Fest

Date: June 12th (Sunday)

Area: Iwaki

Address: 福島県いわき市平三崎

Fukushima-ken Iwaki-shi Misaki Taira

Details: Kick off the summer with the Arios Park Fest! Featuring a live stage with a DJ, handmade crafts, food and drink booths, and much more, this is a great way to spend an early summer Sunday.

Japanese website: http://ameblo.jp/parkfes-iwaki/



Name: FuJET Mt. Bandai Hike

Date: June 18th (Saturday)

Area: Bandai-machi

Address: Bandai-san, Bandai, Bandai-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima-ken 969-3301

Details: This year, FuJET will once again be hosting a Mt. Fuji climb. In preparation for that, we will also be hosting a hike up Aizu’s most famous peak– Mt. Bandai! Anyone is welcome to attend, and especially those interested in climbing Fuji, since these are a great chance to prepare yourselves!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1745973892347178/




Name: Tadami Snow Cavern Festival

Date: June 19th (Sunday)

Area: Minami-Aizu

Address: 福島県南会津郡只見町只見字上ノ原

Fukushima-ken Minami-Aizu-gun Tadami-machi Tadami-ji Uenobara

Details: The town of Tadami gets between two and three meters of snow every year. During the winter, they build snow caverns, where they store rice, sake, and other produce and crops. Three months later, they remove the produce and crops from the caverns and have a festival to celebrate, known as the Tadami Yukimuro Festival, or Tadami Snow Cavern Festival.

Japanese website: http://www.walkerplus.com/event/ar0207e140810/




Name: Mt. Mayatake Opening Festival

Date: June 19th (Sunday)

Area: Aizu

Address: Mayatake-san, Bandai-machi

Details: Celebrate the seasonal opening of Mt. Mayatake with a festival! For those who like hiking, the mountain is now open for the season and, to celebrate, the people of Bandai-machi will be holding a festival. At the summit of Mt. Mayatake, replenish your energy with mochi and sake before making the 1,261 meter climb to the top.

Japanese website: http://dc-fukushima.jp/event/disp.html?id=48&year=2016&mon=6&day=&area=&keyword=




Name: Kagamiishi Iris Festival

Date: June 18th-19th

Area: Kenchuu

Address: 福島県岩瀬郡鏡石町緑町199番地

Fukushima-ken Iwase-gun Kagamiishi-machi…

Details: What better way to spend a summer day than in a park surrounded by irises? Tomiyama park in Kagamiishi features over 70 types of irises, which bloom in mid-June. The festival features dance performances by local dance groups and has two different walking courses through the gardens that showcase the beautiful irises.

Japanese website: http://www.kagamiishi-kanko.jp/information/004036.html




Name: Shirakawa Firefly Festival

Date: June 25th (Saturday)

Area: Shirakawa

Address: 〒961 – 0038 福島県白河市旗宿白河内7-2

Fukushima-ken Shirakawa-shi Hatajuku Shirakawa-nai 7-2

Details: The annual Shirakawa Firefly Festival will be held on June 25th at the Shirakawaseki Forest park. The festival will feature a stage with live performances and booths selling food and drinks.

Japanese website: http://www.jalan.net/event/evt_184326/