July 2016 – The Lucky Island Events

Aizu-Bange Planting FestivalName: Aizu-Bange Planting Festival

Date: July 6th (Saturday)-7th (Sunday)

Area:  Aizu-Bange town

Address: 栗村稲荷神社 Kurimura Inaka Shrine

Details: Join the people of Bange as they pray for a fruitful year and celebrate the beginning of summer. Featuring a Saotome dance performance, a sumo competition, and portable shrines, this festival is a great way to start the summer!

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3779&year=2016&mon=7&day=0&area=&keyword=


Name: Ura-Bandai Fireworks Festival    Ura-Bandai Fireworks Festival

Date: July 21st (Thursday)

Area:  Ura-Bandai

Address: 桧原湖第一駐車場 Lake Hibara First Parking Lot

Details: Ura-Bandai’s yearly fireworks festival will take place on July 21st this year. The festival will begin at 4PM with the fireworks commencing after dark.

Website:  http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3724&year=2016&mon=7&day=0&area=&keyword=


Tajima Gion FestivalName: Aizu-Tajima Gion Festival

Date: July 22nd-23rd

Area:  Aizu-Tajima

Address: 南会津町田島地域 Minami-Aizu Town Tajima Region

Details: Tajima’s annual Gion festival will feature a crafts exhibition and kabuki performances, all aimed at recreating the feeling of an Edo period festival. As one of Japan’s three major Gion festivals, it’s definitely one to mark on your calendar. The festival runs from noon to 10:30 PM on the 22nd and from 7 AM to 11 PM on the 23rd.

Website: http://www.minamiaizu.org/gion/index.html


TO Group A Welcome Party

Name:  2016 Tokyo Orientation A Welcome Party

Date: Monday, July 25th

Area:  Shinjuku, Tokyo

Time: 7:45 PM

Price: 3000 yen for women, 3500 yen for men

Address: Lock-Up Izakaya: Shinjuku Square Bldg., 6/7F, 1-16-3 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Details: Welcome this year’s new Group A JETs with a 3-hour all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink welcome party at the Lock-Up Izakaya in Tokyo. Lock-Up is about a 15-minute walk from the Keio Plaza hotel. We will be meeting new JETs in the lobby of the Keio Plaza at 7:45. If you would prefer to meet us at the restaurant, the party starts at 8:30!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1036491306433691/


Soma-NomaoiName: Soma Nomaoi (Soma Horse Festival)

Date: July 23rd-25th

Area:  Soma City

Address: 23rd: Soma Nakamura Shrine (Minami-Soma City)

24th: Hibarigahara Saijo (Minami-Soma City                                                                                              Hibarachi-ku)

25th: Nomagake (Minami-Soma City Odaka-ku)

Details: Soma-Nomaoi has over 1000 years of history and is one of the most popular events in the Soma/Minami-Soma area. The event features horse races reminiscent of those in the early days of the event. The three main horse races take place on Sunday, the 24th (Armed Horse race and Sacred Flag competition) and Monday, the 25th (Nomakake).

Website: http://soma-nomaoi.jp/


Name: Aizu-Wakamatsu International Association International Festival Volunteer Recruitment

Date: Application deadline is August 20th

Area:  Aizu-Wakamatsu

Address: Aizu-Wakamatsu International Association

Price:   Booth Rentals require a 5,000 yen cooperation fee.     The fee for corporate members of the AWIA  and organizations is 3,000 yen

*Rental fees: 1,500 yen for gas store, 500 yen for gas tank

Details: The AWIA is recruiting volunteers for the day before the festival and the day of (to help set up and run the event), as well as people interested in performing on stage, running cultural booths, or if they are interested, food booths. If it is an organization or food booth, a 5,000 yen booth fee is required (because they can sell merch. or food) but we are also looking for people to just run cultural booths with intros to their country, with maybe a game or craft (which would not necessitate pay).

Exchange Booths: International exchange and cooperation groups, country/cultural introductions, etc.

Food booths: Booths selling multi-cultural food/drinks* 

Stage performances: dances, songs, instrumental, etc. (free participation)

Website: Interested parties should inquire with the International Association about  participation terms and conditions: mail@awia.jp


Onbashira FestivalName: Onbashira Festival

Date: July 30th-31st

Area:  Koori Town

Time: 30th: 8 AM-10 PM

31st: 9 AM-11PM

Address: 諏訪神社社 Suwa Shrine

Details: This festival occurs every July to pray for a fruitful harvest for the year to come. It features five floats and a portable shrine that parade down the main street.

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=3743&year=2016&mon=7&day=0&area=&keyword=


Koriyama Summer Festa

Name: Koriyama Summer Festa

Date: July 27th-31st

Area: Koriyama

Time: 5 PM-9 PM on weekdays (27th, 28th, 29th); 2 PM-9 PM on weekends (30th, 31st)

Address: 開成山公園 自由広場 (Kaiseizan Park)
福島県郡山市 開成1-5 (Fukushima-ken Koriyama-shi Kaisei 1-5)

Details: Koriyama’s annual Oktoberfest in July! Featuring a German band, beer, food, and festival activities, this event is not one to miss. The festival runs from Wednesday through Sunday, with longer hours during the weekend to allow for more festivities!

Website: http://www.okt-fest.jp/okt-krym2016.html