A Message from the ‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar Project Team

A message from the good folks at the ‘This is Fukushima’ Calendar Project!

We, the production team of the annual ‘This is Fukushima’ calendar, are announcing the start of photo submissions for the 2017 edition; our 5th consecutive calendar!

Photo submissions will be accepted until October 31st. But please don’t wait until the final week to send us your photos!

You can submit your photos to us via Email to: ThisIsFukushima@gmail.com

Photo requirements:
Must have been shot within Fukushima. It doesn’t matter when, or by whom. You don’t even need to be a current resident of Fukushima to submit photos to us. As always, photo submissions from prior residents are more than welcome.

The theme of the calendar is interesting people, places or events of Fukushima, so photos that reflect those elements are highly favoured in the selection process for our final images.

Technical Specifics:
Minimum 3000×4000 px (300 dpi) images, preferably shot in horizontal format. But if you have a really interesting vertical image, by all means submit it to us.

The ‘This is Fukushima’ project is an annual collaborative effort of dozens of people, not the least of whom being the many people who share their photos with us each year. Because without your wonderful photos, there can be no calendar.

So… let’s start shooting and browsing through our photo archives!

dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

– For more information about the This is Fukushima project, please visit our website: www.ThisIsFukushima.org