April 2017 – The Lucky Island Events

Iizaka Music FestivalName: Iizaka Onsen Music Festival

Area: Iizaka Onsen, Fukushima City

Date: Saturday, April 1st

Address: Iizaka Onsen Station: 〒960-0201 福島県福島市飯坂町字十綱下28 (Fukushima-ken Fukushima-shi Iizaka-cho Ji-totsunashita)

Details: A music festival in the Iizaka Onsen area of Fukushima City on April 1st. 34 bands over 6 stages, all within walking distance of Iizaka Onsen Station. Advance tickets are 4000 yen, or 4500 yen on the day (and includes two tickets for local onsens that can be used any time in April).

Website: https://www.facebook.com/otoyoi2013/photos/a.513942125314389.106356.480169225358346/1789297837778805/?type=3&theater


Nihonmatsu HanamiName: Nihonmatsu Cherry Blossom Viewing

Area: Nihonmatsu City

Date: Saturday, April 8th

Address: Nihonmatsu Castle Park: 〒964-0904 福島 県 二本松 市 郭 内 3 丁目 2 (Fukushima-ken Nihonmatsu-shi Kaku-uchi 3-chome 2)

Details: Nihonmatsu is hosting a hanami at the castle park on April 8th. It’s a fun day, and it’s walkable from the station. Please do come join us if you have time! It starts from 12 ish and runs until 5, there is also parking at the castle!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2245650064/permalink/10158381694675065/


Soma-Nomaoi SpringName: Soma-Nomaoi Spring Race Tournament

Area: MinamiSoma City

Date: Sunday, April 16th

Address:  福島県南相馬市原町区橋本町4丁目13−27 (Fukushima-ken Minamisoma-shi Haramachi-ku Hashimoto-cho 4-chome 13-27)

Details: Many of the participants in this event will also participate in Soma-nomaoi (held in July). This event is meant to publicize and promote Soma-nomaoi, which is one of the oldest festivals in Japan. The event will feature a horse race with jockeys wearing traditional armor. In the case of rain, the festival will be moved to Sunday, April 23rd.

Website: http://soma-nomaoi.jp/


Shirakawa HanamiName: Shirakawa Cherry Blossom Festival

Area: Shirakawa City

Date: Saturday, April 15th – Sunday, April 16th

Address: 〒961-0074 福島県白河市郭内1 (Fukushima-ken Shirakawa-shi Kakunai-1)

Details: Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in the shadow of Shirakawa’s castle. The blossoms should be at their peak bloom, making for some great scenery. There will be a stage event and local goods for sale.

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=4052&year=2017&mon=4&day=0&area=&keyword=


Aizu-Wakamatsu HanamiName: AJET Block-2 Aizu-Hanami-Palooza

Area: Aizu-Wakamatsu City

Date: Saturday, April 22nd

Address: Tsuruga-jo: Otecho 1-1 Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima, Japan 965-0873

Details: TL;DR
**WHAT: Block 2 Hanami party at Aizu Wakamatsu’s Tsurugajo’s Castle!
**WHERE: Tsurugajo, Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima
**WHEN: April 22
**WHO: Everyone! All of Block 2! Any friends, teachers, family, friends, from whatever country, prefecutre, or AJET block!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/433103517030207/


Abe-monju FestivalName: Abe Monju-do Festival

Area: Tamura City

Date: Saturday, April 29th

Address: 福島県田村市船引町文珠  (Fukushima-ken Tamura-shi Funehiki-machi Monju)

Details: This festival features a ceremony in which the local children wear extravagant costumes from the Heian era and climb the side of a cedar tree. This ritual is said to bring academic achievement for the children.

Website: http://www.tif.ne.jp/jp/event/event_disp.php?id=4046&year=2017&mon=4&day=0&area=&keyword=

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