May 2017 – The Lucky Island Events

Yumoto Onsen festivalName: Yumoto Onsen Satsuki Festival

Area: Yumoto, Iwaki

Date: May 2nd (Tuesday) and 3rd (Wednesday)

Address: 〒972-8321 福島県いわき市常磐湯本町三函322 (〒 972 – 8321 Fukushima-ken Iwaki-shi Jōban-yumoto-chō san-hako 322)

Details: This two-day festival in Iwaki’s Yumoto Onsen will be held to give thanks for the water that feeds the hot springs. The main festival takes place on the 3rd and will feature six mikoshi that will be carried around the town.



Nihonmatsu Children's FestivalName: Children’s Festival

Area: Nihonmatsu City

Date: May 3rd (Wednesday) – 5th (Friday)

Address: 二本松市小浜字反町地内 (Nihonmatsu-shi Ohama-ji Sori-machi chi-nai)

Details: This is a traditional festival held to celebrate the healthy growth of children. The festival honors the guardian deity of children in the hopes that it will keep the children healthy in the coming year.



Hanawa Azalea FestivalName: Honey Azalea Festival

Area: Hanawa Town

Date: May 3rd (Wednesday) – 7th (Sunday)

Address: 桜木町-3-1 塙 塙町 東白川郡 福島県 (Sakuragi-cho 3-1 Hanawa Hanawa-machi Higashi-Shirakawa-gun Fukushima-ken)

Details: The honey azaleas in Hanawa bloom around the end of April or the beginning of May, making Golden Week the perfect time to see them. To celebrate, Furoyama Park will hold a festival from the 3rd to the 7th of May. The festival will feature illuminations at night, but visitors during the day will be able to appreciate the beautiful red color of the blooming flowers.



Shirakawa Boys' FestivalName: Shirakawa Boys’ Festival

Area: Shirakawa city

Date: May 3rd (Wednesday) – 5th (Friday)

Address: 福島県白河市旗宿白河内7−3 (Fukushima-ken Shirakawa-shi Hatajuku Shirakawa-nai 7-3)

Details:  The Shirakawa Boys’ Festival will be held from May 3rd-5th and will feature a doll exhibit, food, souvenirs, and stories about Shirakawa. The festival will be held in Shirakawa Sekinomori Park.



Soma Samurai FestivalName: Samurai Festival

Area: Minami-Soma City

Date: May 5th (Friday)

Address: 福島県南相馬市原町区橋本町4丁目13−27 (Fukushima-ken Minamisoma-shi Haramachi-ku Hashimoto-cho 4-chome 13-27)

Details: Ever wanted to become a samurai for a day? Gather your friends into a squad like no other? Test your skills in an epic battle to capture the flag AND defeat the rival army? All on a historic samurai training ground?

Well, come on up to Minamisoma on May 5th for the 3rd annual Samurai Fes (サムライフェス) and live that dream. This year’s festival will include:
– a capture-the-flag samurai battle
– professionally katana choreography
– taiko
– traditional Soma region dance
– cosplay
– horseback riding
– children’s archery
– a petting zoo

What more could you want?

The event will be held May 5th starting at 10 am, and there will be a practice/training session on the 4th starting at 3 for those who wish to join. Come individually, make your own teams, or spectate and speculate.



Bandai Atami Zelkova FestivalName: Bandai-Atami Zelkova Festival

Area: Bandai-Atami

Date: May 14th (Sunday)

Address: 福島県郡山市熱海町熱海4丁目406 (Fukushima-ken Koriyama-shi Atami-machi Atami 4-chome 406)

Details: To celebrate the start of spring and the return of the greenery, a zelkova festival will be held in Bandai-atami on May 14th. Visitors to the festival can walk through the park and see the 300-year old zelkova trees, as well as visit the spa town of Bandai-atami. In the case of rain, the festival will be postponed until May 21st.



Markt Morning MarketName: Markt Morning Market

Area: Fukushima city

Date: May 28th (Sunday)

Address: Saga Design Seeds: 福島県福島市下鳥渡扇田30−3 (Fukushima-ken Fukushima-shi Shimotoriwata Ogida 30-3)

Details: This morning market is held on the fourth Sunday of every month in Fukushima city. Many of the vendors who sell their wares at this market do not have stores, making this a great opportunity to find some rare products. The market features products such as baked goods, coffee, books, and homemade soaps, among others. The market opens at 9 and runs until around noon.


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