December and January The Lucky Island Events

December 2017/ January 2018 The Lucky Island Events 

Name: Emi Flamenco Academia Recital

Date: Sunday December 10th

Area: Koriyama

Time: 15:30 start time

Address: Koriyama Culture Center, Middle Hall

1-2 Tsutsumishitamachi, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture 963-8878

Details: Enjoy the sounds of the guitars, singing and dancing performed.

Price: 2500 in advance, 2800 at the door.


Name: Pipe Organ Christmas Concert

Date: Sunday December 17th

Area: Fukushima

Time: 14:00

Address: Fukushima City Concert Hall

1-1 Iriecho, Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture 960-8117

Details: If you enjoy Christmas carols and Christmas altogether, come and join this beautiful concert featuring the Fukushima Third Elementary school music department.

Price: 500


Name: Yanaizu Naked Man Festival

Date: Saturday January 7th

Area: Yanaizu

Time: 20:00

Address: Enzoji Shrine

Jikemachiko-176, Yanaizu, Kawanuma District, Fukushima Prefecture 969-7201

Details: Every year, the men of Yanaizu brave the snowy, Aizu weather wearing nothing but fundoshi and compete to climb a rope and reach a bell hanging at the top. Whether you participate or just watch, it’s sure to be an interesting event you won’t want to miss!


Name: Miharu Daruma Festival

Area: Miharu

Date: Sunday January 21st

Address: Matsuri Street

Details: On January 21st (Every year, the 3rd Sunday in January) daruma will line the streets of Miharu to bring luck for the coming year. Visitors to the festival can buy their own daruma, or just observe the different shapes and sizes of the daruma displayed along the street.


Name: Tawara Festival

Date: Sunday January 14th

Area: Aizusaka

Time: 12:50

Address: 〒969-6543 Fukushima Kenuma-gun Aizusaka-machi character Shiji Nijiru 3650

Details: Would you like to participate in the pulling of a bale of rice and pray for future good harvest and fortune? Well you can in this festival. You can also pray to be disease free and no suffering for one year. Application deadline for participation is December 22nd. Of course, you can just go and observe.