March The Lucky Island Events

Name: Odaka Volunteer Day

Date: Saturday March 3rd

Area: Soso

Time: 8:30 am~ 4 pm

Address: Odaka Station

Details: After the 2011 disaster Odaka town in the Minami soma region was one of the most heavily affected areas, now six years later, efforts are still being made to recover and helping to allow people to return to their home. The day’s work can range from anything from cutting grass and raking, to chopping down trees. Rain or shine, volunteers from all over the prefecture and even as far as Tokyo come together once a month. If you have a free day, come join, you can even enjoy the discounted onsen after.

Price: Free


Name:  Spring Food Festa in Kunimi

Date:  Sunday, March 4th

Area: Kenpoku

Time: 10:00 – 15:00

Address: 福島県伊達郡国見町藤田

Details: Treat your taste buds to an array of food stalls all arranged on Fujita street while also enjoying the weather and the people. There will be some comedy performances. Overall, a day of fun and delicious food.

Price: Free


Name: Agemono Summit

Date: March 17th and 18th (Sat-Sun)

Area: Kenchu

Time:  Sat 10:00 – 17:00 (Sun until 16:00)

Address: 福島県田村郡三春町大町191

Details: Savor the taste of menchi made by 20 different stores from across the country as well as other fried food in the town which is home to one of the three oldest Sakura trees in Japan.

Price: Free


Name: Iizaka Taiko Festival

Date: Sunday March 18th

Area: Kenpoku

Time: Open at 9:00, starts at 10:00

Address: Chikuzen-27-1 Iizaka, Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture 960-0201

Details: Do you love the sound of the bachi as they pound the drums? If you do, this is the event for you. Iizaka Onsen will be having their 17th annual taiko festival which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Iizaka Hachiman Shrine Preservation Society, so it is bound to be an exciting night.

Price: 2000 yen in advanced, 2500 yen at the door. Children are 1000 yen


Name: Boat Pulling Festival & Shrine Maiden Dance

Date: Wednesday March 21st

Area: Bandai

Time: From noon

Address: 〒969-3301 Fukushima Prefecture, Yama District, 磐梯町磐梯八幡4614

Details: Another rice bale pulling festival, this time located under the sight of Mt. Bandai at Bandai Shrine. In this tug of war, the two sides east and west have to battle it out and decide what is the fate of the rice crops for that year, whether the price of rice goes up or not and so forth. Then the priestesses at the shrine perform a dance which you can also enjoy.

Price: Free


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