Slimming Stripes for Sizzling Summer

‘Cool Biz’ can’t be any cooler without wearing cool clothes. Looking cool (visually appealing) is one thing, but actually feeling cool (temperaturely) are completely different things. So this summer, let’s storm up a comfortable closet for a very sticky season.

@WORK UNIQLO have a great summer selection. Predominantly white and light colors which are desirable to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing heat and getting cheese toasted. UNIQLO have a lot of vertical stripped shirts for that extra slimming effect, shooting for a very laid back casual~semi-professional look AKA ‘Cool Biz’. Most of the tops on offer are dry fit and non-iron. Less ironing means Cool Biz made cooler. What I love about UNIQLO the most are the sizes on offer and how some clothes are designed for western bodies.


You can save a lot of your yennies with shirts priced at less than ¥1500! Pre-season items are on sale but are long sleeved and darker spring faded colors, which I would wear rolled up on wet days. Sizes are few!


NOT@WORK Mac-house is your closest (not closet) western-style fitting retail store. They offer street brands that are common to most, and have a wide size and selection range. Mac-house have many summer stock available for all sorts seasonal happenings. The price range is a little bit higher for the average shopper, but the quality is all there! This season offers light material clothing for comfortable play time. Engrish shirts are also fun! A lot of J-celebs wear clothes and are sponsored by Mac-House, so you can’t go wrong!

Mac-House stores in FUKUSHIMA

Stay cool in Cool Biz Increase the Peace

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