FuJET is Fukushima prefecture’s branch of AJET, a local voluntary organisation which organises events and offers support for Fukushima ALTs and CIRs. We’re here to provide news, information and keep you informed about what is happening in Fukushima prefecture.

FuJET Constitution

This online resource started as a newsletter for and by Fukushima JETs. Since then, it has evolved into a resource for anyone wishing to learn about Fukushima prefecture, our activities here and life in Japan in general.

If you feel you have anything to add, whether that’s the spark of an idea or a fully fledged article, then please do send it this way!

There are all sorts of ways that you could contribute:

  • Article submissions
  • Special Reports                 Generally consisting of more in-depth analysis than an article.
  • Ideas for me to chase up!
  • Online media                       Such as; Google Maps marked with useful amenities.
  • Cartoon submissions       Got a point to make but lacking the words?  Pick up a pen!
  • Podcast reports                  Want your voice to be heard … literally?
  • Video reports

There is a wealth of talent just waiting to shine here, give it a shot!

Email:     newseditor@fujet.org
(If you wish to direct your email to a specific person then please put their name in the subject line, thank you.)