This section is primarily for new JETs, but may be useful for current JETs as well. If there is any information you’re interested in but don’t see here, check out our FuJET wiki (and especially our New JETs section!).

What is FuJET?
How do I travel around Japan from Fukushima?
Where can I find out about festivals and events?
How can I get involved in volunteering?
How can I buy a Fukushima T-shirt?
How do I make a payment to FuJet for trips?

What is FuJET?

FuJet is short for Fukushima JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) association, the local branch of AJET. We distribute information from National AJET, and also organize events and support JETs around Fukushima.

Fukushima is a large prefecture and divided into areas – Soso, Iwako, Kenpoku, Kenchu, Kennan, Aizu and Minamiaizu. For each area there is an Area Support Leader (ASL). If you are coming to Fukushima this year, you can find out who your ASL is from the ASL page on the FuJET wiki or the Prefectural Fukushima JET website They will probably be your first point of contact for information about your placement and area.

Travelling Japan?

Fukushima has good transport links to Tokyo, and for most JETs it will take between 1.5 – 3 hours to get to Tokyo. There are a variety of options including buses, shinkansen and local trains. From Tokyo you can travel to the rest of Japan easily.

If you intend to do a lot of traveling it may be worth investing in a car with an ETC card reader, other than by Shinkansen and plane, a car (especially if you split the costs with 2 – 4 people) can be much quicker and cheaper than taking local trains and buses.

Where can I find out about festivals and events?

Events are listed here on the FuJet website, but festivals and local events will also be posted about on the Fukushima ALTs page. You can also check out our FuJET Event Calendar, or read about them in our newsletter, The Lucky Island.

I want to get involved in volunteering but I don’t know how?

If you want to get involved in volunteering in Fukushima, the best people to contact are FuJET’s Eyes for Fukushima, who can direct you to various charities and organizations. They may also require help running events, or you can join in with many of the organized events they host.

I want to buy a Fukushima T-shirt/Hoodie/Sweater!

Fukushima t-shirts are available from the Eyes for Fukushima’s online store. We also sell them at various events throughout the year (including Tokyo Orientation).

I need to make a payment to FuJet but I don’t know the furikomi details!

Check out detailed instructions here!