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Kanji Survival Guide

Your kanji lifesaver in paperback form. The kanji guide has close to 1,000 different kanji from everyday life, presented to you in both hiragana and English. You won’t be sorry to have this handy little book by your side.
Price: ¥1,500



Famous Akabeko Postcard

Why not send a postcard to your loved ones featuring some of Fukushima’s famous tastes and faces? Use it as a note card for teachers and friends or just decoration in your apartment.

Printed on A6 180kg coated paper

Price: ¥100

Painted Akabeko Postcard
Sakura are famous across Japan. Even Fukushima’s famous akabeko takes the time to stop and admire the blossoms. Share the akabeko and sakura with your family back home or use it as stationary or give it as a gift.Printed on a6 180kg coated paper

Price: ¥100

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