The Faces Behind Fuku-ing Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel (Part 2)

The Fuku-ing Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel MC, Mercedez

Now on to part 2 of the Faces Behind the Fuku-ing Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel! This time I spoke with our second-time master of ceremonies(MC), my very own crazy talented and lovely co-editor, Mercedez! As the final preparations for tomorrow’s event begin, I was lucky enough to hear Mercedez’s insightful and personal insights and experiences regarding drag, queer culture, and tomorrow night’s event.

Note from Mercedez: I will use queer to refer to myself throughout this interview, especially when it comes to my personal identity and the community I participate in at large.

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The Faces Behind Fuku-ing Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel (Part 1)

The Fuku-ing Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel Organiser, Felipe

Tomorrow evening the A•O•Z in Fukushima City will host the second ALT-led drag ball, The Fuku-in Fabulous Drag Ball: The Sequel, an event aimed at raising spirits, awareness, and money for charity. I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with the event organiser, Felipe, and the master of ceremonies, our very own Mercedez. They both shared with me some amazing insight on the event and what drag means to them personally. For the first part of this ‘Faces Behind’ the event, we will focus on the event organiser, Fukushima City’s very own Felipe, and his drag persona Shelita Booty.

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Lesson Four: Meet Your New Minister of Fun!

Stand, sit, bow: it’s time to take your seats, everyone because class is in session!

Our fourth lesson brings in the wonderful Kame Blair, taking up the renewed position of Minister of Fun! And what better a person to handle the role than Kame, who’s soon to become friend to all!

Kame, an American, is rolling into her 2nd Year with a smile down in Koriyama. When she’s not making school cool, she’s having a blast outdoors, keeping her cool with yoga, relieving stress with karaoke, or breaking bread with friends over some good food. Kame likes to keep the good times rolling no matter what she does: keep them rolling by checking out the Current Council page for more about her!

Kame got back to me the same day I asked her these questions, and gave me a bright smile. That was to be expected: it’s hard to feel bad when you’re around someone with “Fun” in their title. Let’s see how many points Kame can score when it comes to fun:

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Mt. Fuji Climb 2018 RSVP Instructions

This year FuJET is hosting another Mount Fuji Climb!
Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest mountain, and a Japanese symbol as famous as the cherry blossom. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, and is considered one of the three holy mountains of Japan. It is also an active volcano, which is due to erupt again at some point in our lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice to one day be able to tell all your family and friends, “I climbed that!”?
WHAT: Climb Mt. Fuji at night and see the sunrise, followed by a relaxing stop at an onsen on the way home. We charter a bus and will have pick-ups at Fukushima City, Koriyama, and Iwaki!
DATE: Saturday, July 14 – Sunday, July 15
TIME: We will climb overnight, starting at around 7:00pm (so get plenty of rest beforehand!)

RSVP AND SIGNUPS: You can sign up now! Signups can be done here.


The bus seats 26 so get your RSVP in on time!

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The Lucky Island June 2018 Event Roundup!

The rainy season looms right around the corner, but there’s still plenty to enjoy as Summer warms Fukushima! Certainly here, in the capital, everyone’s looking to beat the humidity and heat. The rainy season will be a balm for us all before the dog days of summer really start to hit!
But, with an umbrella in hand, a ticket in your pocket, and an empty belly for every kind of treat you can imagine, you’ll find that June is packed with events from the start of the month to the very end!

Go out, seek adventure, and remember: have a good time!

This list, and all following event lists, will continuously be updated weekly throughout the month on Wednesdays until the month turns over to a new roundup. This list isn’t inclusive of all events, so please, feel free to contact the editors at if you have events you’d like to be included here.  

Now… let’s get to the main event! Here’s your continuously evolving list of June 2018 Events!
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