Lesson Four: Meet Your New Minister of Fun!

Lesson Four: Meet Your New Minister of Fun!

Stand, sit, bow: it’s time to take your seats, everyone because class is in session!

Our fourth lesson brings in the wonderful Kame Blair, taking up the renewed position of Minister of Fun! And what better a person to handle the role than Kame, who’s soon to become friend to all!

Kame, an American, is rolling into her 2nd Year with a smile down in Koriyama. When she’s not making school cool, she’s having a blast outdoors, keeping her cool with yoga, relieving stress with karaoke, or breaking bread with friends over some good food. Kame likes to keep the good times rolling no matter what she does: keep them rolling by checking out the Current Council page for more about her!

Kame got back to me the same day I asked her these questions, and gave me a bright smile. That was to be expected: it’s hard to feel bad when you’re around someone with “Fun” in their title. Let’s see how many points Kame can score when it comes to fun:

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