Fukushima Fair Fantastic!

Fukushima Fair Fantastic!

By Emma Gibson

On March 20th, the Tokyo International Forum (near Tokyo Station) hosted the Fukushima Exchange Fair (がんばろう!福島大交流) to support our amazing prefecture.   The fair showcased the sights, local crafts, foods, onsen and unique experiences that Fukushima has to offer.

When we arrived an hour after the opening time we had to queue at the entrance way as the venue was already at capacity – a good sign for Fukushima. Inside were rows of booths containing information about Fukushima, all busy with people collecting brochures and sampling local sake and pickles.  There was a food corner with various local specialties (eg.  the Kitakata ramen burger, Namie yakisoba and our very own Hiroshi Kurimura’s family’s famous chicken dish!)  I wanted to line up for food – but the wait was over 30min (SO POPULAR) so I decided that the businesses had enough support already…

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