More than what Japan has to offer…

More than what Japan has to offer…

by Robert “Caveman” Vidal

cavemanJET offers many things, but did you know it offers cheap international trips? If you love adventure then maybe you can hit up ANA or Air Asia and buy cheap tickets to neighbouring Asian countries. I have seen several friends visit several countries.

Not trying to brag, but I am writing this from South Korea and rather under the influence.

Visiting other countries, such as Korea, may be just the thing you need to avoid (reverse) culture shock. Its not too far from Japan, but also not far from other global cultures. In fact, it is more like a super salad of other countries in one.

At 30,000yen for a return ticket you can’t say that is not a good deal. Tokyo is nearly 2/3 that price.

The food is amazing, a little spicy though, and the people are beautiful. Drinks may not be as cheap, but they are pretty darn close.  Did I mention the food is amazing?

In the 6 days I have been here, I have: seen the castle in South Korea’s capital, taken pictures in the 3D eye museum, visited Gangnam, climbed Namsan mountain, saw the Historical War Festival, and learned nearly the entire Korean alphabet in roughly 24 hours.

In six days my life and world has changed, and I still have another day. I probably should mention that this trip was done on a whim, and I am writing this article not exactly sober, in Seoul, while eating a spicy food the name of which I still have not learned at Hongdae.

So I hope you or someone else are willing to share your adventures whether drunk or sober in other countries or even Japan. I want to hear more from every one of you. In the mean time, here is a fun picture to keep you company.