Welcome to FuJET and the Fukushima Community!

You seem to have stumbled across the FuJET community! You must be wondering who we are.

So, who are we?

Fukushima JET or FuJET is a volunteer organisation in Fukushima prefecture. FuJET supports ALTs and CIRs, both JET and independent ALT’s, a little closer to home, by providing the latest news around the prefecture, information on daily life and teaching in Japan, and is a close-knit community where everyone is welcome.

Amongst other things, FuJET is responsible for:

  • Organising FuJET trips and social events throughout the year in various parts of the prefecture as well as and other parts of Japan so that our participants have the opportunity to meet, greet, and tour the “lucky island” that they call home.
  • Working in collaboration with local charities aimed at promoting grassroots internationalization and devoted to improving the lives of those affected by the March 2011 Earthquake.
  • Sharing local events happening throughout Fukushima including monthly volunteer activities!
  • Providing a supportive social network for foreigners living in Fukushima.

Now that you know who we are, you might have some questions about Fukushima and radiation. Well, be at ease because we have all the information you might need right here!

You can find your latest FuJET council and members’ portfolios here.

FuJET Facebook Page

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The Lucky Island Events January 2019

The new year is only hours away, and with the promise of a new year also comes the promise of new adventures and experiences here in the lucky island. Let us all keep warm, eat our osechi, and welcome in the year of the inoshishi(wild booar.) The zodiac year of the boar is the last in the 12-year zodiac animal cycle, and it is noteworthy in that it is the only Japanese zodaic year different from the Chinese zodiac, where it is the year of the pig. To our Akabeko’s still travelling for the holidays, safe journeys and we can’t wait for your adventure to start fresh here in the lucky island!


Name: 13th Annnual Koriyama Station Illuminations

Date: Now – Monday, January 14th

Area: Koriyama City

Time: 5:30pm – 11:30pm

Address: Around the west exit of Koriyama station

Details: Check out Koriyama’s annual illumination with over 330,000 lights during the holiday and winter season around the station!

Website: https://illumi.walkerplus.com/detail/ar0207e53043/


Fukushima IlluminationName: Hikari Shizuku Illumination

Area: Fukushima City

Date: Now – Thursday, January 31st

Address: Paseo Street in Fukushima City

Details: This event is one of the main illuminations in Fukushima City. 200,000 lights will illuminate Paseo Street during December and January. This illumination has occurred annually since 2007 and is a signal of the winter holidays to the people who live there.

Website: http://www.hikarinosizuku.com/

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The Lucky Island Events November 2018

It isn’t hard to imagine the crisp frosts and early snows that are right around the corner. With Halloween done and dusted, it is time to knuckle down for the midyear conference. Even if you’re ready to get comfy under your kotatsu already, there is still plenty to see and do this autumn in the Lucky Island!


64th Annual Chrysanthemum Doll Exhibition
Date: October 10th – November 25th
Area: Nihonmatsu
Time: 9am – 4pm
Price: 700 yen for adults
Address: On the castle grounds of Kasumigajo
〒964-0904 福島県二本松市郭内4丁目
4 Chome Kakunai Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima-ken 964-0904
Details: View dolls, decorations and displays made from Chrysanthemums. If you haven’t had the chance to visit this beautiful city, this is a great chance!
Japanese Website: http://www.nihonmatsu-kanko.jp/kikuningyo.html


Tsurugajo Autumn Leaves Illumination
Date: October 19th – November 18th
Area: Aizuwakamatsu
Time: Sunset – 9pm
Address: 福島県会津若松市追手町1-1
1-1 Otemachi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima-ken 965-0873
Details: Enjoy the castle lit up in the evening at the castle – Tsurugajo – in Aizu. It is gorgeous with fall colors, which you can view at the end of October. Even after the leaves fall, come walk through the peaceful castle grounds in the evening!
Japanese website: http://www.aizukanko.com/event/103/

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The Lucky Island Events October 2018

Pardon the delay, all: October came in like a lion, and everything went from 0 to 60. However, there’s still plenty to do this month. Autumn has finally begun, despite the still warm temperatures across the prefecture and humid, rainy days. If you’re still looking for a way to beat the weakening heat, why not try to have fun while doing it with some new events!

This post will update as new events come in, so be sure to check back to see what all you can get up to this month in Fukushima!

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Aizu Wakamatsu’s Other Onsen- Ashinomaki Onsen


Autumn has officially arrived, and with it, onsen season is fully in swing. Aizu Wakamatsu, the samurai city, is home to the famous onsen district of Higashiyama. However, did you know Aizu Wakamatsu is home to another lovely onsen district, Ashinomaki, located on the city’s southern border?

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Get Lit At The Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival!

The seasons have turned from “Seatbelt Buckle on Your Bare Arm” Summer to “Wow, it’s livable and not so bad, isn’t it?” Autumn, and for many of us, that means it’s time to go out for the Autumnal Festivals across the prefecture. And what better what to kick off your festival season than with the Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival, which happens next week!

Need convincing? Well, read on and let’s see if I can!

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