Welcome to FuJET and the Fukushima Community!

You seem to have stumbled across the FuJET community! You must be wondering who we are.

So, who are we?

Fukushima JET or FuJET is a volunteer organisation in Fukushima prefecture. FuJET supports ALTs and CIRs, both JET and independent ALT’s, a little closer to home, by providing the latest news around the prefecture, information on daily life and teaching in Japan, and is a close-knit community where everyone is welcome.

Amongst other things, FuJET is responsible for:

  • Organising FuJET trips and social events throughout the year in various parts of the prefecture as well as and other parts of Japan so that our participants have the opportunity to meet, greet, and tour the “lucky island” that they call home.
  • Working in collaboration with local charities aimed at promoting grassroots internationalization and devoted to improving the lives of those affected by the March 2011 Earthquake.
  • Sharing local events happening throughout Fukushima including monthly volunteer activities!
  • Providing a supportive social network for foreigners living in Fukushima.

Now that you know who we are, you might have some questions about Fukushima and radiation. Well, be at ease because we have all the information you might need right here!

You can find your latest FuJET council and members’ portfolios here.

FuJET Facebook Page



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Lesson Two: Meet Your Vice-President!

Stand, sit, bow: it’s time to take your seats, everyone because class is in session!

Our second lesson brings us Michelle, the other part of the 2018-2019 Co-Presidency as our Vice President during this year.

Michelle is a 2nd Year ALT that comes from sunny Pretoria, South Africa, but now calls in Shirakawa her home abroad.

An always active ALT, Michelle finds herself in new places, whether that’s lost on a mountain or with friends. You can certainly look forward to an active Presidency this year, and once more, can find out more about Michelle on the Current Council page. I think that she’ll be bringing an interesting perspective this year.

Once more, I took a digital coffee break to ask Michelle a few questions so that you all can get to know her personally. Please read and review to learn more about your new Vice President.

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Lesson One: Meet Your Returning FuJET President!

Stand, sit, bow: it’s time to take your seats, everyone because class is in session!

As I mentioned before when you got your proverbial syllabus, the first person you’re going to be meeting is Cormac Ryan, returning as one of a two part Co-Presidency for 2018-2019.

Cormac, a soon to be 3rd Year ALT in Fukushima City, hails from Cork, Ireland and like myself, arrived in 2016. Last year, he carried on the duty of bringing everyone in JET together through dozens of different events with the help of the previous council. I’m certainly excited to be working with him more directly this year.

You can read up about him, along with all of the other wonderful folks I’ll be introducing over the course of the next few weeks, on the Current Council Page

I sat down with Cormac -as much as sitting down and emailing a person is sitting down, mind- to ask him some fun questions so that you can get to know him better.

 Our resident social butterfly had a lot of good replies, so let’s dive right in the thick of it, and see what Cormac had to say to my pop quiz of questions.

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Get to know your 2018-2019 Council in FuJet 101!

 Stand, sit, bow: it’s time to take your seats, everyone because class is in session!

Welcome to a new year with your newly elected council!

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The Faces Behind Happy Healthy Genki Day 2018

Despite snow still on the mountain tops, Winter is finally gone here in Fukushima! At times, it felt that the winter doldrums would never end here in the Lucky Island… However, Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner! To celebrate the changing seasons and get our bodies moving, our FuJET Minister of Fun, Kame, has organised the first ever Happy Healthy Genki Day event this Saturday, May 26th in Koriyama City. Continue reading

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