2010-2011 FuJET Council

Attention all FuJETs—say hello to your 2010-2011 FuJET Council!

President: Liz Leigh

Vice-President: Cathy Hawker

Treasurer: Mark Noizumi

Newsletter Editors: Brent Barron and Jen Wcisel

Merchandising and Publications Rep: Christian Baillargeon-Cote

Webmaster: Grant Jenkins

The new council will begin their term in April. Congratulations to all the new officers!

FuJET T-shirts Now Available

FuJET T-shirts Now Available

Spring has come! Cherry blossoms, blossoming flowers, birds singing in the distant, and T-shirts!

Wait…T-shirts? Yes!


This year, FuJET has designed a T-shirt for Fukushima JETs and friends. You can order your T-shirt by sending me [galileoyuseco (at) gmail (.) com] an email with your name and size details. If you have any questions feel free to ask. A FuJET T-shirt will only cost 2100 yen! The last day to order is March 19. Read more