Tokyo Orientation Welcome Extravaganza (July / August 2011)

First off let me give a big welcome to all of the incoming new FuJETs!

This year, like years before, we will be hosting a welcome party for new JETs at Tokyo Orientation. This will take place on Monday  August 1st for Group B and starts after the official JET welcome reception (which finishes at 8).

We will meet in the lobby and all head over together to a local izakaya that puts up with us every year. There we will enjoy a tabehodai/nomihodai which means that you get to eat as much as you want (usually finger foods) and more importantly drink as much as you want (cocktails and beer, or soft drinks if you prefer)!

When: 8pm Monday, August 1st

How much: 3,000 yen for dinner and drinks

Where: in Takadanobaba but FuJET reps will meet you in the Keio plaza lobby

This is seriously the best part of Tokyo Orientation and is the perfect way for you to get to know your fellow JETs and meet some of your illustrious sempai who come down to join in the festivities. Even if you don’t drink you should come alog, soft drinks are provided and it is seriously a lot of fun.

I am presuming all new JETs are coming but looking for some awesome sempai to come down to Tokyo and share their Fukushima wisdom.

Below is a list of sempai that have expressed interest. I need to have a final number by Sunday July, 31st. so if you want to come you need to contact me at fujetcouncil AT gmail DOT com. The list is broken into two parts, the first section is people that have confirmed they are coming and the second half is people I have not heard back from. I will only make reservations for people on the confirmed list.

If I have your name on this list in error or you wish to be added you need to also email me at the above address.


  1. Jon Dart
  2. Anna George
  3. Kat Johnson
  4. Emma Gibson
  5. Mark Noizumi
  6. Chelsea Barham
  7. Hiroshi
  8. Liz Leigh
  9. Loretta Siu
  10. Gemma Villaneuva
  11. Jacqueline McKirdy
  12. Brad York
  13. Nastassja Downey
  14. Xan Wetherall
  15. Heather Heller
  16. Jen Smidge
  17. Mari Shibata
  18. Nas Vidrio
  19. Rokan
  20. David Hanks
  21. Brent Barron
  22. Dan Szczuka
  23. Tio
  24. Ryan McDonald
  25. Craig Barrett
  26. Alex Taylor
  27. Matt Trabout
  28. Cathy HawkerDan’s Friend
  29. Hiroshi Arai
Part 2 – UNconfirmed
  1. Nikki Wutke
  2. Brad Wutke