VOTING! 2013 Leavers Awards

VOTING! 2013 Leavers Awards

This year’s leavers party is rapidly approaching, and your nominations are in!

Who is the the big cheese and who is the best sempai?  Voting for the 2013 Leavers Awards will be open until Tuesday, July 2, 11:59PM.

Make your vote count and then get back to work on those casino costumes!

VOTING IS CLOSED! Want to know if The Craig is the sexiest in the ken? Come to the Leavers party on Friday, and find out there!

*Note*For verification purposes, please make sure to include your name when voting in order for your vote to count. 

VOTING-CLOSED! June 2013 Photo Contest- Contrast

VOTING-CLOSED! June 2013 Photo Contest- Contrast


[v. kuhn-trast, kon-trast; n. kon-trast]

Okay, FuJET! It’s time to vote on June’s photo contest entries. Whether the photos display contrast of nature, photography, colour, or composition– it’s time for you to cast your vote.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Sign up for the newsletter, The Lucky Island, to see the winner!

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FuJET Casino Leavers Party

FuJET Casino Leavers Party


This year we have the pleasure of organizing the Leavers Party. As you know, Leavers will be in Fukushima City on the 5th of July following the Leavers Conference.

For those of you who don’t like reading details and only like foot notes, here they are!

What: Leavers party/super fundraiser for Karina and Hannah’s book drive!

When: 5th of July, from 8pm til midnight

Where: AGATO Café & Dining

Reserve your spot: Email <> to let us know you’re coming and send us your nominations for Leavers awards too! You can find a list of the awards at the bottom of the event information!

Theme: Casino Night

Who: Anyone! The more the merrier, as the saying goes!

Price: 3,000 yen w/ costume OR 3,500 yen w/o costume

DJs: If you are interested in doing a spot, drop us a mail, and we will try to sort out a schedule!

Silent Auction: Bid on stuff!

Now, for those of you who like to know the full picture, let us explain!
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Rainy Season

Rainy Season

rainy-beko2Rainy season is most definitely upon us here in Fukushima. Rainy season is called ‘tsuyu‘ or ‘baiyu‘ in Japan, literally meaning ‘plum rain’. Rainy season in Tohoku typically lasts from the beginning of June through the end of July. The amount of rain varies from year to year, and region to region. Regardless, the season brings with it a wonderfully stifling humidity that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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Volunteering in Fukushima- Spring 2013

an article by FuJET Volunteer Coordinator, David Tacoronte

Easter event at Soma Aiikuen

Easter is generally seen as a Western religious holiday celebrated during the spring time. In a non-secular fashion, it is usually cited as a holiday for the rebirth of nature and the coming of life during spring time! So to help celebrate, 7 volunteers including 6 JET ALTs and 1 local English teacher visited the local Aiikuen orphanage located in Soma city. Sponsored by E4F, the kids in the center spent the day making colorful paper Easter baskets, attending an egg hunt, learning a little about Easter, and finished by playing assorted games and activities with the Easter bunny. All in all, it was a fun afternoon, filled with smiles and chocolate! E4F looks forward to setting-up more events and continuing the bond with the orphanage in the near future! You can check out photos of the event on Eyes for Fukushima’s (E4F) Facebook page or at

Playground of Hope

The Playground of Hope, or PoH, NPO project was launched on April 1st, 2012. They hope to bring relief to the Tohoku region by helping to build, and rebuild playground sets in all the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Led by Michael Anop, PoH looks to raise spirits in the community by providing a source of entertainment, colorful aesthetic, and physical activity for the children. Seeing them smile, laugh, and have a sense of security is the ultimate goal. Just recently, the project successfully sponsored and built a large playground in the Haramachi area of Minamisoma city. Even with the chilly weather, the team, coupled with the spirit of the community, were able to get everything set-up within two days! Seeing the children laugh and play on the brand new play-set brought a sense of calm and hope which is ever growing on the coast.

The next playground, funded by E4F, is set to be built on June 22nd in Shinchi along the northern coast of Fukushima. The project will be visiting the Shinchi daycare facility and is planning to finish within two days. Check out the website at or you can find their page on Facebook.

Fukushima Battle of the Bands

E4F will be hosting a Battle of the Bands event on July 6th! This event is geared towards the older students of the prefecture. Ten high school bands and five DJs will be battling it out in Club NEO to win the top spot and receive prizes and glory to continue their journey to fame! Come see live local music and support a great cause. All proceeds of the event will go to ON THE ROAD charity, which helps with clean-up, volunteer activities, events and many other relief efforts around the Tohoku region. Check out their website here: (Japanese only)
Check out the Battle of the Bands event over on Facebook at:

//this article originally appeared in the June 2013 issue of the Lucky Island newsletter//