Inawashiro Ski Day (March 2010)

Baby, it’s cooooold outside.

FuJET is once again promoting Cheap Ski Day. It is at SNOW PARADISE INAWASHIRO. (Thank you, DTED, for asking the general manager for us)

“Sign-ups” are being taken now. Tell Gemma or Matt (fujetcouncilatgmaildotcom). I just want to get an idea of how many people are interested in going, so that I can give the ski resort a ballpark figure… but I think that the discount can apply to the masses.

WHAT: Discounted lift passes and rentals
WHEN: Sat. Feb. 27 at Snow Paradise Inawashiro (they designated that day)
Costumes: Nice to have. (Anticipate prizes for the best costumes!)
PRICES: Ski Lift Ticket(1 day common ticket): JPY 2,000/person (Normal price: JPY 4,400/person)
Rental Ski or Snow Board: JPY 2,000/person(Normal price: JPY 4,000/person)
Rental Ski Wear: JPY 1,500/person(Normal price: JPY 3,000/person)

TRANSPORTATION: Find your own way to the resort, please! I will post a map later. I think there is a shuttle available – but don’t quote me on that.


In previous years, the city of Inawashiro was able to offer an immense discount in ski lift tickets! This year and last year, they’ve only been able to slightly slash the costs. You’re still saving more than 50 per cent off a regular ski day pass. So, let’s enjoy snow!

It’s tradition for the JETs (invite non-JET friends, too) to dress up in crazy costumes whilst zooming down the hill. People come dressed in their Halloween costumes, masks, etc.! Even if you don’t board (ie. me), it’s apparently fun to chill in the chalet. (I’m going to do that for this year’s Ski Day.)

There is also a Boxer Run. Yes, that’s right! Crazy foreigners going down the slopes in their finest undergarments. (This run might depend on the weather – isn’t it still ridiculously cold in February?) (Cold or not, this is most definitely on! –Ed.)

FuJET will try to coordinate a big party afterwards. Everyone is welcome to come – both those who hit the slopes, and even those who don’t (ie. me!)  The party is usually in Koriyama, but I’ll see what I can do.

I will add more deets as I get them. (ie. how to get your discount, etc.)


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