First Annual Lucky Island Adventure: Fukushima Scavenger Hunt 2010

Time: Saturday 13 November at 06:00 – 14 November at 05:30
Location:  Fukushima Prefecture!

Attention Fukushima JETs! Welcome to history in the making. Yes, that’s right… it’s the first annual Lucky Island Adventure, the one and only Fukushima Scavenger Hunt 2010. Someday you will tell some doe-eyed newbie that you were there when it all began.

And yes, it will not only be the time of your life, but it will be for a good cause too. Proceeds will benefit the Movember charity:

Entry will be 1000 yen per person for the event and all the money will be donated to Movember. Let’s make a difference!

This is your chance to see and explore Fukushima while competing against your fellow JETs.

Teams will compete in groups of 4-5. And teams will scour the ken competing to see famous Fukushima landmarks, taste delicious local delicacies… and partake of the wonders of Fukushima.

The event will be followed by an after party and an overnight stay in cabins.

Teams can start anywhere in the ken and should have access to a car. A car is strongly recommended. Clues will be sent to the teams a few days before the event in order to strategize. Teams also will need access to a digital camera in order to document that the team visited the necessary landmarks.

Points will also be awarded in numerous bonus categories and prizes will be awarded.

We will need numbers by the end of October. So please contact Galileo by then to confirm your team. galileoyuseco @ gmail . com
Please email:
TEAM CAPTAIN (contact person)
SMACK TALK (what other teams should know about your team)

galileoyuseco @ gmail . com

Cabins will be extra and details will be given shortly.

Don’t miss the exciting JET event of the season!!!

Let's go on an adventure!
Let’s go on an adventure!